Friday, November 8, 2013

Third trimester rants and ramblings

Some random updates about the beginning of my third trimester:

- VERY happy to be "finished" with the nursery! Of course after the shower (in just two weeks, wow) we'll have to organize and sort everything (I know I'm not going to have enough storage!)... but it's a good feeling to have it ready to go!

- We had a 4-D ultrasound (two sessions, he wasn't cooperating the first time) and got some pretty decent shots of our little man! It was SO surreal to "see" his face and get a better idea of his features. He has his dads nose, no question!

Love those chubby cheeks and tiny feet!

- I officially dislike bending over to pick anything up. Haha. And not only because of my stomach, but my lower back has been killing me more than usual. (You know you're in your third trimester when...)

- I've had this weird black spot floating around my vision in my right eye. Went to the eye doc this morning and he said it's "normal", especially with pregnancy  hormones, and everything is still a-ok with my eyes. That's a relief!

- This is the best pregnancy/parenthood-related article I've read yet: Ten True Things about the First Year of Parenthood.

- I ordered myself a custom hospital gown on Etsy! I got it with a navy sash and ordered an extra hot pink one just in case I can't decide. :-) (I figured blue was appropriate because I'm having a boy, but pink is my favorite color... soooo...)

Maternity Hospital Delivery Gown in Gray Chevron --  ModMum shop on Etsy

- We took an all-day birth class last Saturday and I felt like we learned a lot! It wasn't too overwhelming, like I thought it would be, so that was a relief. I feel pretty confident in the whole process, especially knowing that I plan to get an epidural before I'm in too much pain.

I thought it was ironic that the end of the whole agenda it said in big letters "GOOD LUCK!!!!" :-P

- Oh yeah, I PASSED MY GLUCOSE TEST (with flying colors, I might add)!!!! I was so relieved. My iron level was just a bit low (34.9) so I'm starting to take an iron supplement once a day. I feel like this explains my constant craving for red meat during this pregnancy, and my lack of energy recently. I think the iron supplement is helping my energy already.

- We have interviews with two different potential nannies tomorrow. I'm a little nervous, but excited. I've been using and have gotten some interest, and I have it narrowed down to these two for now. They are both older ladies which I'm most comfortable with. I have my fingers crossed, printed out a suggested list of questions, and hope that I stick to my gut feeling instead of my tendency to "check something off" the to-do list.

- I've officially been a grumpster the past two days. This is so unusual for me, so I'm struggling to keep it together. I think it has to do with Eric going back to his regular 12-hour (and unpredictable to say the least) shift after being in 9AM-5PM K-9 training for several months (and off every weekend... spoiled). His day shift schedule is supposed to be 6AM-6PM, but last night he didn't get home until 10:30PM, and then left again this morning at 4AM for training. Gonna have to adjust. Sigh.

This was my grumpy face from last night :) haha.
- And to end on a more positive note, I'm really REALLY excited that I'll be at 30 weeks this Sunday! I've been waiting and waiting to see that "3" in front of the number because now it's only a matter of a handful of weeks until we're soooo close to meeting our little man!