Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Almost halfway!"

Baby Strodtman hanging out with mom at work
We're at week 18! I keep saying "almost halfway!" and can hardly believe it. There's no way I've been pregnant for almost 5 months. While it seems to be flying by at times, sometimes it crawls, and then most times I'm just anxious to meet our miracle baby! I try to imagine that moment when we see him/her for the first time and I really can't. It's going to be awesome, that's all I know.

I had my monthly OB appointment yesterday, and besides waiting an hour and a half to see the doctor for 10 whole minutes, it was good. Eric couldn't come (first one he's missed) but it was probably ok because he HATES waiting more than I do. He would not have been a happy camper. :) I recorded the Doppler/heartbeat for him instead. I posted on my Instagram (my first video!) so if you want, follow me and hear it and all it's 160 bpm glory @mrsstrodtman.

Are you Team Pink or Team Blue?!??!
We find out the sex on MONDAY. I'm totally dying. I can NOT wait. My prediction is on girl. I've felt that from the very beginning. At first I questioned if I was just wanting a girl so I was making up the feeling, but I don't think so anymore. Of course I will be very happy (and surprised!) if it's a boy, but basically I just want to find out! Eric thinks boy. He's in the minority, haha.

Speaking of Eric, I have been thinking about him and the relationship he has with the baby a lot lately. From the moment we learned the baby could "hear" things, he talks to my belly all the time. It's usually, "Hi baby, I hope you're doing good in there! Can't wait to meet you!" sort of stuff.

Totally cute. I don't know how my heart will handle seeing him with the baby once it's born.

He always wants me to stand sideways so he can see the (growing) belly. Sometimes it makes me self conscious, because I feel like I'm getting BIG (found out how much weight I gained yesterday... sigh). But he just loves it, and despite my initial hesitation, deep down I just love how much he loves it. There's no way to wipe the grin off his face. Yesterday when I sent him the Doppler video he said he showed it to his friends at work. I really feel lucky to have him with me in all of this.

I am well aware this post is coming from an emotional pregnant woman, haha! Feeling more emotional by the minute, I tell ya. We have been blessed, there is no doubt. Not a day goes by where I don't remember that, and express my gratitude to the giver of all good gifts.