Thursday, March 7, 2013

The plan.

I'm partially doing this post for my own sanity, so I can just WRITE OUT everything and get it out of my system. Ok who am I kidding, it will never get out of my system -- but I'm so excited to share!

Ever since we decided to jump head first into pursuing IVF, I have been beside myself. I'm terribly excited, nervous, anxious, and mostly, have a MILLION questions. Since I follow so many lovely ladies on Instagram who are involved in IVF or TTC in some way, it seems like everyone has a different story, process, and outcome. From the payment method (some had insurance coverage, some pay out of pocket, like us), the preliminary steps necessary to start, to the medications they take, everyone's experience varied greatly.

Needless to say, I wanted to know what our process would be, specifically. I felt like I had more questions than answers, so I set out to get answers!

I had already done the background work of getting approved for the multi-cycle discount program through Attain, figuring out how we would pay for it (making arrangements to sell Eric's car, opening a new savings account, etc), and getting approved for a partial loan. I felt ready to start tomorrow, but I knew there was a process involved. One piece of advice I've learned is don't rush, and to trust the process. Easier said than done, but good advice nonetheless.

My main questions revolved around the timeline of events, and what I needed to do now to get ready for it. Because of finances needing to be in place first (we have to pay in full for the program before we start), we can't start fully until May. Also in May, we have a 7-day cruise planned, so I wondered if that would get in the way.

I emailed my nurse on Monday, and she responded yesterday. I was so impatient to hear back. Her response email made my whole day! Right after I got it I had a lunch date with Eric so I told him all about it.

So - here we go. THE PLAN.

1) Eric and I must attend the "IVF Seminar" -- scheduled for next Wednesday at 7PM.

2) Eric and I must both have infectious disease labs drawn. -- The nurse emailed me the labs we'll need to get those done, which we'll do next week.

3) On day CD1 in April, I will call the doc to let them know, and get bloodwork done on day 2 or 3 for Estradiol, LH, and FSH (already have the lab paperwork needed for that).

4) In May, I will start birth control on CD 3 (possibly while we're on the cruise, based on my calendar, so I'll fill the prescription before we leave) and call to schedule a hysteroscopy.

5) Once the hysteroscopy is done (sometime during CD5-10), the final IVF consult will be scheduled for a week later. Continue to take BC until the consult.

6) At the final IVF consult (will be first part of June), my doctor will review my protocol, the nurses will go over injection instructions, tell me when to take the last BC pill and when to start IVF meds!!

Even though I don't have exact dates because everything revolves around when my cycle starts in May, I feel so much better knowing what we're doing. It calms my anxious, planner-by-nature heart ever so slightly. :-) When you're in a position like this, any sense of control or any semblance of a plan is truly a lifesaver.

I know IVF is not a guarantee, and that it sometimes fails the first time around. That is why I feel confident with paying for the multi-cycle program, because we'll have some more "tries" if we need them. If we don't, great! But it increases the chance of success to do so, so I'm glad we are going that route.

Even though we still have a couple months to go, I see the "end in sight", so to speak. I'm confident in our clinic, in this process, and in my ability to overcome any obstacles that arise. OH - a little cool side note! The other day Eric responded to a call at an OBGYN office in his area. He and the doctor were talking (about kids, what else!) and Eric told the doc that we were doing IVF. The doctor asked where we were going, so Eric told him the Center for Repoductive Medicine in Orlando. This doctor said that clinic is known as one of the BEST in the NATION. He said their Embryologist is the best there is around. Just more great news (also gave my hubs a boost of confidence in this process!)!!

Thanks for the prayers, positive thoughts, and words of advice! We are not planning to try another cycle if this month is negative, because I want to give my body some time off (also save some money) and eat healthy, work out, and just get ready for THE BIG EVENT! :-)