Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Whoah, baby.

It amazes me the things the human body is capable of doing. This pregnancy was a miracle from the beginning, and now the way my body is changing seems miraculous. Haha! I am well aware of the three + months remaining and the stretching that is yet to come. It just blows my mind.

Here's a little visual of the past few months:

Weeks 15, 18, 21, 25
I am really excited to be headed into the third trimester soon. Speaking of... I've read different dates on when that starts, so what's the final word on the third tri? My baby book moves to the third tri on week 25, and some places online it says 27 or 28. Confusing!!

  • A few weeks ago we had a little scare and spent a few hours in the hospital (at the end of week 21). I was just sitting on the couch and my belly started to hurt, and over about 15 minutes it kept progressing until I was in tears and couldn't hardly move, talk, or breathe. It was higher, the upper half of my belly, not low, so it didn't feel like round ligament pain. It felt like a Charlie horse in my stomach that lasted about 30 minutes. I had Eric call his mom (a midwife) and she asked me some questions and I attempted to answer them... she eventually suggested we just go to the hospital. So my poor husband got a trial run in a high-speed race to the hospital way too early! We were both scared, but of course as soon as I got admitted to my room the pain had stopped. We got some peace of mind with a heart rate monitor and ultrasound. Everything was FINE with our little man, thank God. Super weird, and I hope it never happens again. My OB said it was probably the uterus contracting or gas (??).
  • Lots of normal RLP in the past few weeks, definitely low and comes and goes.
  • I had a horrible sinus infection/chest cold a couple of weeks ago. Everything is exaggerated 100x when pregnant. I got some antibiotics which helped, but I am still dealing with the sinus/stuffiness now, two weeks later.
  • Boobs are officially DD and I had to buy new bras to accommodate those suckers. Not very comfy but I anticipate them only getting bigger!
  • It's not easy to love my expanding body parts, but it's super easy to love the little man inside.
  • I scheduled a 3D/4D ultrasound for October 31st! I'm a little nervous, but have been dying to see what he looks like, so I'm also really excited! I think it's cool that we'll get a DVD of the whole thing too.
  • We have pretty much finished the nursery, except for one wall I need to get some frames for! I made one of those yarn-wrapped big letters for his first name (Pinterest inspired!) for the center and will put some random frames around it, collage-style.

SUPER comfy nursery chair!

Coming soon: Headed to Indiana next weekend to visit my parents and nephew (yay!), 3D ultrasound, glucose test (nervous!), and the baby shower!


  1. Lookin' good, mama! Sorry for the scary night at the hospital :-( Did you do anything to cause or irritate the pain? The two times that I have had EXCRUTIATING RLP were on two instances when I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone (outside of working out) One was when I was lifting too many boxes/stuff and on Sunday after fishing for 8 hours. I have to remember the odd things can really come back to bite ya!

    Exciting about the nursery too! Can't wait to see the big reveal. I'm at the point where I'm about to make final decisions on wall décor. I don't want to cover pretty much all wall space, but it's hard because I'm not used to decorating! Did we get the same nursery chair???

  2. JJ just looked at your pictures and!!

  3. Love the nursery!! and love the preggo belly :)