Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Highlights - Weeks 14-15

Some highlights  of the past few weeks --
  • Officially bought maternity pants and one maternity shirt over the weekend. I tried on my favorite "one size too big" regular skinnies and they won't close anymore! The belly band really works for me though, and I'm so glad I have it.
  • Maternity pants REALLY make you look pregnant. Everything hangs out! People are starting to comment on my "bump". It makes me happy to look pregnant for real. :)
  • I still haven't felt the baby move, which makes me a little bit sad. I hope it happens soon! My app said that the baby could start hearing things this week, so maybe I need to play the music louder and he/she will start dancing? :)
  • I can't believe this Sunday I'll be 16 weeks/4 MONTHS pregnant! Just a few more weeks until we find out the sex (August 26)!
  • We've been trying to sell our office desk for a couple of weeks on Craigslist and no one is interested. I've gotten two spam emails/texts but nothing legit, and I've already lowered the price once. We NEED to sell it so I can move the bed and some other things out of the nursery ASAP! Any suggestions?
  • My husband works the night shift so when I go to bed, he usually stays up all night on the days he's off. So last night he was off, and I went to bed with the dogs, and he said goodnight to all of us. He was walking out and I said, "Umm you forgot someone!" Haha. He came back and said goodnight and "I love you" to Baby Strodtman too. Aww.
  • We cleaned out every closet in the house two weekends ago, and threw away a carload of crap. I'm normally a "throw it all away" type of person, but being pregnant has made me 100x worse! I literally could have tossed everything into the trash and never given it a second thought.
  • The thought has crossed my mind to hire a handyman because my husband can't keep up with all of the projects I want done RIGHT NOW. Haha.
  • Because of all these said projects, my lower back really was killing/crippling me. Also I've been having some sciatic pain on my left side. I mentioned it to my doctor and he referred me to a physical therapist. It really is too early to be having these issues! The PT said one leg was longer than the other, my right hip was higher, and my pelvic bone was out of alignment. Gotta love pregnancy hormones for loosening everything up and making it move out of place! So now I'm going to PT 2x a week AND the chiropractor 2x a week. The co-pays are killing me-- but I feel SO MUCH BETTER.
  • Who can believe that tomorrow is already AUGUST 1ST?!??


  1. I haven't felt the baby move yet either if that makes you feel any better. I want to start playing music for my tummy too, maybe I'll start that tonight. I NEED to start cleaning!!!! I've been so far behind and cleaning out all of the junk I've been hoarding is not going to be fun at all.

    You're not kidding about maternity pants either, I have on a maternity maxi skirt today and three people I don't know at work asked when I was due!

  2. Sexy mama!! You look amazing, girlfriend!