Friday, July 12, 2013

Belly pop and bullet points

I was very happy to reach the 12-week milestone this week! We had another ultrasound with a specialist who measured everything possible and it all checked out perfect. I am always so relieved after every ultrasound, and I think I hold my breath until I hear that miraculous heartbeat. It was 154 again this time, and 90% of the bets from family and friends are on girl. We find out for sure the end of August at our anatomy scan! WOO!

Another reason people think girl is because I seem to be carrying really high --

But I suppose no one really knows yet for sure! :) We have just over a month left wait... and then my checking account will be hurting fo sho.
More bullet points to remember:
  • Definitely POPPED this past week... I think it's time to go shopping!
  • Yesterday was my birthday, and while I worked (at home), it was such a good day. I didn't even mind not having a celebratory drink (though that pomegranate margarita sounded divine) because of the best birthday gift I've ever been given is in my belly.
  • I made a list of "Things to do in the next 6 months" and "Things to buy for baby". It's quite overwhelming, but we'll hopefully take it one weekend at a time.
  • I have been putting Bio Oil on every day... here's to hoping it works.
  • I was kinda annoyed that they don't allow any photos or videos of the ultrasound at the specialist. At my regular doctor, she wouldn't let us film the whole thing but we got some of it. At this office - there are signs EVERYWHERE saying not to. It makes me want to go pay and get an ultrasound they will record for us and just look at the baby, no measuring or monitoring! I could stare at that baby for hours!
  • I have some company coming this weekend, so yesterday I vacuumed and other stuff around the house... and omg, my back HURT so much the rest of the day and kept getting worse. I took two Tylenol and went to bed, but woke up at 12:30 to pee and could barely walk! I heated up a hot/cold thing I have and put that on my back and fell back asleep. It seemed to do the trick, and I feel back to normal today. Whew. Just a foreshadowing of things to come, I'm sure!
  • So I think it's crazy that I'm learning more about pregnant body stuff from my formerly pregnant girlfriends than my doctor. I didn't know what "round ligament pain" was until my friend Tiffani explained it. I'm pretty sure I started to feel that during week 12.
  • What I'm MOST looking forward in the second trimester: my belly getting bigger, feeling the baby move soon, and finding out the sex.


  1. My midwife went over A LOT of stuff with me at my 12 week appointment like the round ligament pain and some other less pleasant symptoms I've been having. I think I popped a few days ago, but I'm carrying pretty low. We won't know the sex until around Labor Day. I have my Ultrascreen next Wednesday and then a normal check up on August 7th and I'm assuming the gender scan will be the appointment after that!

    Sounds like you're feeling pretty good, here's to the second trimester!

  2. Yikes on your back! Mine is holding up well at 28 weeks. I had PT on it before I got pregnant though and that made a big difference I believe. I can't wait to find out what you are having. Our baby girl's heartbeat is always 145 so you could be having a girl!

  3. Love it! My belly popped the other day too, it's SO exciting!!

  4. I thought I felt RLPs around week 12 but they were just little cramps/muscle pulls compared to REAL RLPs later on... At least MINE hurt! Oooof.

    I have scored SUCH great maternity deals on the sale racks of Gap and Old Navy! I bought BeMaternity leggings at Target last week and they are soooo comfy!!

    Ahhh, and FEELING THE BABY is the BEST feeling ever!!