Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10-weeks and counting

I'm 10 weeks already! Time seems to drag on a daily basis, but looking back it seems to be flying (like everyone said it would). I can't wait to complete the first trimester, for several reasons, but mostly because everyone says the second tri is the best!

I have no desire, interest, or time to do weekly update ("bumpdates") but here's a bullet point list of some random stuff:

  • I am starting to show a little bit. Still wearing normal clothes, but I admit I snooped around the maternity section at Target this weekend.
  • I've been walking 3-4 times a week as my form of exercise.
  • I eat cereal almost every morning for breakfast (and sometimes for dinner).
  • I'm beginning to have less food aversions and have actually started cooking dinner again, maybe once or twice a week.
  • I fell in love with club soda as my drink of choice when eating out.
  • I miss deli meat and eating sandwiches.
  • I will have about six months left in school after I have the baby -- interested to see how that works out. I can't wait to be done though (until grad school... ugh)!
  • I've been getting acupuncture once a week through the first trimester, and will probably do it once a month or so after that.
  • Thank GOD this is my last week of progesterone (pending the results of my blood work). It makes me super cranky and irritable.
  • I have not been sick at all (very grateful), and was VERY tired for the first couple of months. Like, dragging-myself-out-to-just-go-for-a-walk kind of tired. Just starting to get my energy back, woohoo!
  • My sense of smell has been off the chain. I feel like a bloodhound. I could smell Eric's champagne so strongly when he was sitting on the couch this weekend... it's super weird.  
  • I have yet to take a real belly picture. I think I need to start soon, but have just been waiting until I look pregnant instead of like I ate too much cheesecake. I'm not going to post them online (maybe I'll post a few, when I'm really preggo-looking), but keep them for myself and my belly book. Don't worry you'll get plenty of pictures of the baby, once it's OUT of my belly. ;)

For now, here's a picture of the little bean at just over 9 weeks. Heart rate was 174 this time! I loved seeing that tiny outline of a face instead of a blob. Such a miracle.

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  1. Woohoo!!! I haven't been sick either but have had tons of food aversions, mostly it's the foods they tell you not to eat so that's good. I really miss my wine in the evenings. I walk quite a bit at work but need to start walking more.

    I think my belly is all bloat but my pants are getting a little snug. Get a belly band, you just leave your pants unbuttoned and pull it over. It's been a life saver since I'm having issues finding maternity dress pants that aren't $80!