Thursday, February 28, 2013

the three-letter word

Do you ever feel guilty for spending money when you know you have a big expense coming up? Like you should be saving every penny, but you're stressed so you want to go away for the weekend or go shopping?

I'm there. I took today and tomorrow off a while ago when we planned to travel to North Carolina to visit our friends. But then, I had to start my cycle on just the wrong right day, and now I have a doctor appointment Sunday morning that I can't miss. It's my CD12 follicle scan, hopefully with good news and lots of follicles.

Besides the fact that I'm not pregnant and still don't know what we're doing this weekend (I'm still determined to do something, even if we stay at home, and relax for a couple of days with Eric), I have had a great week. I got some really exciting news!

Nowadays, I tell my husband that we're just paying for our kid before they're even conceived... because we're getting ready for... the big three-letter word... IVF!!!

(I know In Vitro Fertilization is more than three letters, but you get the point :)

On Tuesday we were approved for a IVF multi-cycle discount  program through Attain Fertility. What that means is basically, you meet certain medical criteria, and they approve you for one of two discount programs. We chose the multi-cycle program which includes two fresh and two frozen cycles for a set fee, which is about 35% less than if you did them individually. The only thing the program cost doesn't include is medications, which my doctor says will cost about $3,000 more. Statistics show that most women do need more than one IVF cycle to get pregnant, and by planning ahead for two cycles you save yourself the stress of deciding what to do if the first try doesn't work (not to mention much less money).

I'm sooooo so so excited! I feel like this is the light at the end of a (very long) tunnel. It's been a long road. Just last year I was very opposed to IVF and swore I'd never do it. I wasn't opposed to it for any ethical reasons or whatever (I think that is just ridiculous), but rather I didn't want to put my body through the stress and risk spending THOUSANDS with possibly nothing to show for it.

But recently, in the past few months, I've befriended some girls on Instagram and through my blog who are going through IVF and who have either gotten pregnant or are in the midst of treatment right now. I was able to ask them questions, to see the process first-hand, and to really understand what it's all about. I realized that while it is serious and definitely can be difficult, it is also exciting and it almost always works. While I'm still jealous of those who live in the 15 states whose insurance covers IVF treatment (I wish), I am happy to say we have a plan to pay for it and it is FINALLY a REALITY. In addition to that, I've felt like we've just been spinning our wheels and not getting anywhere with our current treatment plan. While it has the potential to work and certainly does for some, it hasn't worked for us in over two years, so I'm moving on. Let's do this!

The plan is to have it paid for (plus arranging financing for a small part of it) in about two months, at which time we have to sign the contract with Attain. We will hopefully start injections in May or June! I'm really hoping the timing works out for us to start at the end of May when we get back from our cruise, and not have to wait until June. But either way, it is just a few short months away, and ... my god... we could be pregnant by my birthday in July! I tell ya what... that would hands-down be the best.birthday.present.ever!!

So right now we're in the middle of another Letrozole/FSH/Dexamethasone/Ovidrel cycle because that was the plan. The doctor increased my FHS from 75mg to 100mg so I'm hoping I get more than one follicle this time. :-) The only thing we haven't decided yet is if we're going to keep doing this for the next month before we get ready for IVF or take a break until then. I think we should take a break before IVF (could save $500) but I think we're going to play it by ear. Wait and see.

I covet prayers and positive thoughts as we prepare for this adventure. I'm really excited, and really nervous. Taking it one day at a time and not getting caugh up in "what if"sceniaros... keeps me sane.

I'm off to lunch with my girlfriend and then yoga class... another sanity saver!


  1. Such exciting news, Stephanie!! Hoping for the best for you two. Enjoy lunch and yoga!!

  2. Ahh, so amazing!!! One of my best friends is pregnant via IVF right now :) I will be praying that you're blessed with the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER this year! I'm excited for ya :)

  3. So excited for you! It feels great to have a plan :)