Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun weekend up north!

This weekend was a fun, exhausting, and just plain good! On Thursday I flew up to Indiana with my nephew JJ to drop him off at mom and dads for a few weeks.

He was ready to go!

Thumbs up and ready to fly!

Aunt Steffi and JJ on the plane

 While I was there we saw some pretty sunsets...

Played, played, & played in Goey's (mom's) living room...

Went to the park one afternoon ...

JJ and Goey seeing who can swing the highest!


JJ picked some flowers to share!

Ventured out to a little community carnival, I attempted to ride the ferris wheel (tame, right?!?) and quickly got dizzy. Yeah, yeah, it was just a ferris wheel - -but it was the fastest ferris wheel i've ever been on! YUCK! JJ loved it though. :)


I just realized I'm wearing the same outfit in almost all of these pictures! Ha. We apparently did all these things in one day! :)

On the way  back to the airport on Sunday, we stopped at Ivanhoes - a fantastic, one of a kind ice cream joint with over 100 sundaes and 100 shake flavor combos! YUM!

Dad told JJ to act like he was licking the ice cream cone... and of course he actually licked it! LOL

We got to the airport for me to head home, and found out there was a 2 hour delay! :-( As it was it was a late flight and I was going to get home around midnight. This would put me home around 2 or 3AM! So I made the best of it, sat my butt down at a resturant in the airport and worked on a paper (which I nearly finished!) and had some Blue Moon. Felt good to get ahead in school and have some down-time, actually.

I ended up getting into Tampa just after 1AM, so I spent the night w/ my friend Jen because I didn't want to attempt the two hour drive home - I was pretty tired! I left this morning, got home around 11AM and headed into work for a few hours. Feels good to be back! :-)

Monday, April 23, 2012

The weekend that never ends

This weekend was by far the busiest, scariest, most tiring weekend I've had in quite some time -- if not ever. I can't say I've ever looked forward to the weekend ending and Monday coming around, but this time I am!!

It all started Friday late afternoon (I worked from home Friday which was a plus) when The Storm of 2012 starting coming through our area. Eric was driving us to Orlando for my friends nursing pinning ceremony, we were on the interstate going 75-80 mph and it was raining. The pups were in the back of the car. I was reading a textbook on my Kindle totally absorbed in studying Social Psychology when all of a sudden we started spinning! Eric spouted off some profanities as we kept spinning -- we had hydroplaned -- and I literally just held on for dear life and didn't say a thing.

I was sure we were going to get hit by another car - I mean we WERE on the interstate. It was no small miracle that we didn't get hit and didn't roll over. The drivers side of the car hit the middle concrete barrier hard, then we spun back across and Eric somehow got it off to the side of the road and we stopped.

Once my heart re-started, I heard Eric ask if I was ok and then I just started crying. My little dog Amira jumped in my lap and was shaking like a leaf, and our big dog Layla jumped over the back seat to try and come up front near us. In my head I was thinking, "I can't believe this just happened! How did it happen?" It was truly God's angels watching over us, that nothing worse happened, no one hit us and we were ok. I still get chills thinking about how much worse it could have been.

The worst hit - front left corner :(

The hood all messed up

The back damage

The car was obviously still driveable and we couldn't do anything right then, so we just put ourselves back together and moved on. That was the big start to our very long weekend. Talk about first impressions! We continued on to Michelle's nursing pinning ceremony.

Michelle and her fiancee Josh (a deputy who works w/ Eric and our good friends) at her nursing pinning ceremony.

We spent the night at Eric's parents in Orlando Friday night after the graduation, and got up Saturday morning to drive over to Tampa. Some of Eric's friends were at a beach in St. Pete so we hung out w/ them for a couple of hours until The Storm part II came through. I refused to drive if it even looked like rain, so then Eric and I headed over to Jen's house to hang out w/ her that night.

We got ready and had a carb-loading dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in preperation for my half marathon the following morning! I had a huge plate of four-cheese pasta with chicken and about half of a original cheesecake slice. I refrained from any alchololic beverages for fear of being dehydrated for my race (that was the hardest part!). :-)

Duck lips!
I went to bed at 9PM, but of course couldn't sleep. Its one of those things when you really need to sleep but absolutely can't... my brain wouldn't shut down and knowing I had to get up at 4AM made things difficult. Thankfully the rain stopped by the morning, and it was just overcast and windy. We made it to Clearwater Beach and got ready to race!


Another 13.1 finished!!

A cool sand sculpture photo-op!

Another medal for the collection!
Whew I was glad to be finished with half marathon #3!! There were two causeways in this race (one was at mile 11, ugh!) which was a first for me and made it quite challenging. The weather held up until the last mile and it started pouring, but stopped before the finish. It was such strange weather all weekend --sunny one minute and thunder and pouring rain the next. That's Florida for ya. I'm still hobbling around like an old lady this morning! Ouch.

After the race, the weekend caziness still wasn't over... we had some pizza and wings for lunch with Jen, then headed back to Orlando for another college graduation (of the same girl who was graduating as a nurse/pinning on Fri). I was completely exhaused, just wanted to go home, and nearly fell asleep during the 3-hour ceremony. But of course, when we got back to Eric's parents to pick up the dogs and GO HOME, they were headed out to dinner for his step-dads birthday.... so what do we do? Go with them.

This was seriously the weekend that wouldn't end! And usually that's a great thing! Ha. We were also driving seperately because we picked up Eric's other car from Tampa, so I fought falling asleep all the way home. Of course with fresh memories of our near-death experience from earlier, I absolutely didn't risk it and did whatever I needed to stay awake! We did finally get home at 10:30PM, I did as little as possible to get myself ready and fell into bed. What.a.freaking.weekend.

Today I'm thanking God for guardian angels, health and stamina, carbs, good insurance and sleep.

HAPPY MONDAY! How does your weekend compare to mine? ;-)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A little catch-up

Does life ever slow down? We have been pretty busy latley in the Strodtman household, for one reason or another. Here's a rundown of some highlights...

- Eric and I went on a froyo date and tried Menchies for the first time! It was such a cute place. You can try every flavor before you decide, then you fill up as much as you want of whatever you want in your cup (or waffle cone) and finally put toppings galore on top! I got chocolate and peanut butter yogurt with Heath bar topping, and Eric got some wierd combo of a little bit of everything. :) It was really yummy, we'll definitely be going back!

- I got new running shoes! By far my favorite pair yet. These are Asics gel soled Kayano 18 series. Yes they were the most expensive pair, but c'mon, they have gel soles AND their pink? Win win! :)

- Speaking of running, THIS SUNDAY is my next half marathon! It's the IronGirl Half over in Clearwater Beach, FL. I've never run in an all-women's race before, so it should be fun! I heard today though that Sunday (race day) has a 50% chance of rain... yikes. Fingers crossed that it holds off from 7AM-about 10AM so I can stay dry! This is the finisher medal:

- I was walking through PetSmart a few weeks ago and saw this Pomeranian getting groomed in this super cute-looking hair cut! So I went inside the salon, and asked about it, and she said it is called a "lion cut" (they shave the body and leave the tail/mane)... so on a whim I made an appointment for Amira to come in the next day! She looks SO CUTE and so tiny now! I love it (I think she does too ;) so I'll probably keep it for a while. I also just realized I missed Amira's birthday AGAIN this year! :( It was April 11th, and she's now 4 years old! OMG. Time flies. I'll have to bring her a belated birthday treat after work tonight! ;)

- I'm going up to Indiana next week for a quick trip! My mom decided to pay most of the $ for plane tickets for me and my nephew JJ to come up next Thursday. I'm only staying until Sunday, but JJ is gonna stay with them until they drive down to FL at the end of May. I can't wait for a little vacay!