Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New livingroom furniture!

This past Sunday Eric took off work and we spent the whole day together. It was so good to spend time together, especially since he's been working so much with extra details and getting accepted on the Emergency Response Team unit. That will be an exciting opportunity for him, I'm sure!

We did quite a bit of shopping... for starters, I got this rug for our front living room:

Truly, this is all I wanted to go shopping for. But with us... achieving that goal is rarely ever possible.

I really did need new sheets for our guestroom, and have the hardest time finding something I like. I spotted this at Target and knew I had to have it. It's hard to find something pure white that doesn't look too plain. I also got the blue pillows on sale at Target which match the blue/beach items in the room.

While at Target (this post is a virtual ad for Target, I know -- but I love that store so much!), we spotted this leather ottoman that was on sale, so we got it!

I also talked Eric into getting this flag/certificate fame, so we could finally (two years later!) display the flag he had flown in Iraq and all of his coins from the Air Force.

I'm afraid that inspired me a little too much, and now I'm determined to completely replace all the furniture in the main living room. When we bought the house, the kitchen cabinets and all other wooden furniture was a light oak color. I always loved the darker wood colors, and have wanted to change it for a while.

Also, we didn't have enough furniture (going from a one-bedroom apartment to a 4-bedroom house) so we paid almost nothing for an entertainment center, side tables, and couch + loveseat from the lady selling the house. The couches are a horrid teal color, so we bought tan sofa covers (seen above), but I have been itching to completely replace them as soon as we could.

Soooo, with some of our tax money plus the extra money Eric is making at work, we're going to get a bunch of new stuff! American Signature Furniture has exactly what we want.

New entertainment center:

Some sort of plain side tables that match:

But best of all, new reclining leather couch + loveseat!

Of course I know what I like online, but once we get to the store and sit in them I'm sure I'll find one that I really love. I can't wait to see the transformation this is going to make!

Future plans are to also replace the oak dining room table with a darker wood, and since our kitchen cabinets are still oak color, I'm planning to paint them white(ish) which will match the red/white kitchen colors I have now. I'm so excited, I love making home improvements and redecorating! :-)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Workout craze

Can we just talk about working out for a minute?

I swear, I've never done this much exercise in a veeery long time (maybe ever?). To give you an idea, here is just this week (starting with last weekend).

Saturday - Crossfit
Sunday - Off
Monday - Running 4 miles
Tuesday - 5:45AM spin class AND a 5:15pm Zumba (we'll come back to that)
Wednesday - Running 5 miles
Thursday - 5:45AM spin class

OMG - I'm so exhausted, but yet feel so great. I'm loving my new gym with the classes! Speaking of classes, as you see, I got brave and decided to try out Zumba on Tuesday. I drug a co-worker who has done it before with me, so I would have someone to commiserate with. Let me just say, I do not dance. I have two left feet on the dance floor, and it definitely showed in this class. Thank god the instructor was keeping an eye on me and helping me along the way... but ooooooooooooh my goodness. It was stressful trying to follow her. However, I will say that I'm sure with practice and time I could catch on - and it would be a REALLY fun class. I just don't think it's for me... I'll stick with running and biking. :-)

I've been using the My Fitness Pal app to keep track of my food and exercise. I always felt like the app over-estimated when it comes to calories (900 calories for 45 minutes of "vigorous" spinning? I don't think so). So I decided to buy a heartrate monitor so I could accurately track the calories I burn. A few co-workers have the Polar FT4 and recommended it, so that's what I got (it was $99 a Target - though I've seen them cheaper online). It has this watch and then a strap you put around your chest. You don't notice it at all.

I only got it Tuesday night, so when I went running on Wednesday I wore it and was pleasantly surprised! I burned over 800 calories for 50-something minutes of running! This morning in spin class I only burned just shy of 500.

I knew I loved running for a reason. ;-)

I'm still debating signing up for that half marathon coming up. I know I will probably end up doing it, I just don't want to give up all these new classes and exercises I've been trying latley. When I'm training for a race I hardly do anything but run... but as I've learned, it's well worth it in the calorie department.

Happy Friday Eve! :-) Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday -- my day off from working out!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

what is love?

Ah, Valentines Day. The day every single person dreads because it reminds them of what they don't have, and the day every happily married annoys everyone around them with their new jewlery, flowers and romantic dates.

I'm not a very, uhm, "emotional" person, so v-day isn't all that exciting to me. I mean, I do have some good memories of years past (who can beat a trip to Paris over Valentines???), but in general, I think it is over-commercialized and a sad way to make up for the other 364 days of the year that are sorely overlooked.

However, with time comes perspective and a deeper understanding/appreciation of what love really is. Sure, I have a great husband whom I love. But is that all that love is about? I got to thinking this morning (as I put on my $15 cheap-o heart necklace I bought for this special occasion), what is love... really? Isn't is so much more than a romantic date night, a delivery of roses to your office, or a pound of chocolates?

Love is something everyone seeks. Admit it or not, it's true. I seek more love because I want a baby. Others seek love by finding a man. But truly, there is love all around you in various shapes, sizes and forms.

love is...

[a couch full of energetic nephews]

[a mother in law who treats you like her own daughter]

[a sister you can look up to]

[nephew cuddles]


[a glass of wine with a good friend]

[parents who have been married for nearly 30 years]

[being married to your best friend and trusting that you can also last for 30 years]

[nephews who like to play with trucks in the dirt]

[a mom who has been there with you through it all... and still loves you]

[a dad who takes care of you and loves unconditionally]

[little boy smiles]


[being silly]

... love is whatever you make of it. love is all around you.

 Strong like a mother holds her child
Free as horses running wild
And real as a prayer on a lonely night
And sure as the ocean tide

Oh love
Oh love
Oh the many colors that you're made of
You heal
You bleed
You're the simple truth
And you're the biggest mystery
Oh love

Deep as the life from Gods own breath
Endless even after death
Gone like the sunset

You can break a heart in pieces
Put it back together again
You can break down sweet forgiveness
You're the one that never ends

Oh love

happy valentines day lovers!

Monday, February 6, 2012

it's that time again

I've decided that it's time to sign up for another half marathon. I've been enjoying my few months "off" from serious running. I've still been running between 2-6 miles, but nothing longer. I still love running (I ran 4 miles this morning!) and there was a half marathon just down the street from me yesterday, and it made me anxious to train for another one. I'm thinking about signing up for this Iron Girl half in Clearwater on April 22nd!

Talk about an awesome location for a race!

I've been enjoying different activitites like spinning, Jillian DVD's, and coming up this weekend - Crossfit! I even cancelled my Planet Fitness membership due to their non-existent classes, to sign up for another local gym which is $10 more a month than I was paying, but they have CLASSES! Zumba, spinning, yoga, pilates... I can't wait to do them all!

The one thing stopping me from signing up for a race too far in advance is that we're trying so hard to get pregnant... if I get preg between now and a race, I suppose I could still run it... I'm just not sure I'd want to! Haha. But then again, if I put everything on hold just because of a "what if", I probably wouldn't do much of anything. I think the $100 registration would seem trivial to lose in the event I did end up prego. :-)

What is going to be your next fitness challenge in 2012?