Friday, June 15, 2012

Things I'm thinking about ... aka what I'm loving on Pinterest

Have to remind myself of this sometimes

So true.

LOL - reminds me of Pheebs and Layla (Jen) :-)

Saying "I'll try" gives you a way out. Either say you will or you choose not to. You have the power to decide!

Believing is half the battle
Hahaha. Yes.

I'm sure both my dogs think this. Bahaha.
I feel sorry for some people.

My mantra these days.


Death to the duckface!

I always think of the Kardashians on TV for some reason when I see this...

"I believe that God meant for life to take our breath away, sometimes because of the sheer joy of it all and sometimes because of the severe pain. To choose living over pretending means that we will know both."

Happy Friday!

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