Thursday, April 19, 2012

A little catch-up

Does life ever slow down? We have been pretty busy latley in the Strodtman household, for one reason or another. Here's a rundown of some highlights...

- Eric and I went on a froyo date and tried Menchies for the first time! It was such a cute place. You can try every flavor before you decide, then you fill up as much as you want of whatever you want in your cup (or waffle cone) and finally put toppings galore on top! I got chocolate and peanut butter yogurt with Heath bar topping, and Eric got some wierd combo of a little bit of everything. :) It was really yummy, we'll definitely be going back!

- I got new running shoes! By far my favorite pair yet. These are Asics gel soled Kayano 18 series. Yes they were the most expensive pair, but c'mon, they have gel soles AND their pink? Win win! :)

- Speaking of running, THIS SUNDAY is my next half marathon! It's the IronGirl Half over in Clearwater Beach, FL. I've never run in an all-women's race before, so it should be fun! I heard today though that Sunday (race day) has a 50% chance of rain... yikes. Fingers crossed that it holds off from 7AM-about 10AM so I can stay dry! This is the finisher medal:

- I was walking through PetSmart a few weeks ago and saw this Pomeranian getting groomed in this super cute-looking hair cut! So I went inside the salon, and asked about it, and she said it is called a "lion cut" (they shave the body and leave the tail/mane)... so on a whim I made an appointment for Amira to come in the next day! She looks SO CUTE and so tiny now! I love it (I think she does too ;) so I'll probably keep it for a while. I also just realized I missed Amira's birthday AGAIN this year! :( It was April 11th, and she's now 4 years old! OMG. Time flies. I'll have to bring her a belated birthday treat after work tonight! ;)

- I'm going up to Indiana next week for a quick trip! My mom decided to pay most of the $ for plane tickets for me and my nephew JJ to come up next Thursday. I'm only staying until Sunday, but JJ is gonna stay with them until they drive down to FL at the end of May. I can't wait for a little vacay!


  1. Good luck on your half!! I have seen such awesome things from Athleta. They seem to be such a fierce, woman inspired company. I got a pair of Asics too that I used for my first half a couple months back. I'm really glad I put up the cash. The gel technology is so worth it!! And they were pretty cute too ;)

    Best of luck on your race tomorrow! Kick some asphalt!
    That Girl in Pearls