Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun weekend up north!

This weekend was a fun, exhausting, and just plain good! On Thursday I flew up to Indiana with my nephew JJ to drop him off at mom and dads for a few weeks.

He was ready to go!

Thumbs up and ready to fly!

Aunt Steffi and JJ on the plane

 While I was there we saw some pretty sunsets...

Played, played, & played in Goey's (mom's) living room...

Went to the park one afternoon ...

JJ and Goey seeing who can swing the highest!


JJ picked some flowers to share!

Ventured out to a little community carnival, I attempted to ride the ferris wheel (tame, right?!?) and quickly got dizzy. Yeah, yeah, it was just a ferris wheel - -but it was the fastest ferris wheel i've ever been on! YUCK! JJ loved it though. :)


I just realized I'm wearing the same outfit in almost all of these pictures! Ha. We apparently did all these things in one day! :)

On the way  back to the airport on Sunday, we stopped at Ivanhoes - a fantastic, one of a kind ice cream joint with over 100 sundaes and 100 shake flavor combos! YUM!

Dad told JJ to act like he was licking the ice cream cone... and of course he actually licked it! LOL

We got to the airport for me to head home, and found out there was a 2 hour delay! :-( As it was it was a late flight and I was going to get home around midnight. This would put me home around 2 or 3AM! So I made the best of it, sat my butt down at a resturant in the airport and worked on a paper (which I nearly finished!) and had some Blue Moon. Felt good to get ahead in school and have some down-time, actually.

I ended up getting into Tampa just after 1AM, so I spent the night w/ my friend Jen because I didn't want to attempt the two hour drive home - I was pretty tired! I left this morning, got home around 11AM and headed into work for a few hours. Feels good to be back! :-)

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