Thursday, February 16, 2012

Workout craze

Can we just talk about working out for a minute?

I swear, I've never done this much exercise in a veeery long time (maybe ever?). To give you an idea, here is just this week (starting with last weekend).

Saturday - Crossfit
Sunday - Off
Monday - Running 4 miles
Tuesday - 5:45AM spin class AND a 5:15pm Zumba (we'll come back to that)
Wednesday - Running 5 miles
Thursday - 5:45AM spin class

OMG - I'm so exhausted, but yet feel so great. I'm loving my new gym with the classes! Speaking of classes, as you see, I got brave and decided to try out Zumba on Tuesday. I drug a co-worker who has done it before with me, so I would have someone to commiserate with. Let me just say, I do not dance. I have two left feet on the dance floor, and it definitely showed in this class. Thank god the instructor was keeping an eye on me and helping me along the way... but ooooooooooooh my goodness. It was stressful trying to follow her. However, I will say that I'm sure with practice and time I could catch on - and it would be a REALLY fun class. I just don't think it's for me... I'll stick with running and biking. :-)

I've been using the My Fitness Pal app to keep track of my food and exercise. I always felt like the app over-estimated when it comes to calories (900 calories for 45 minutes of "vigorous" spinning? I don't think so). So I decided to buy a heartrate monitor so I could accurately track the calories I burn. A few co-workers have the Polar FT4 and recommended it, so that's what I got (it was $99 a Target - though I've seen them cheaper online). It has this watch and then a strap you put around your chest. You don't notice it at all.

I only got it Tuesday night, so when I went running on Wednesday I wore it and was pleasantly surprised! I burned over 800 calories for 50-something minutes of running! This morning in spin class I only burned just shy of 500.

I knew I loved running for a reason. ;-)

I'm still debating signing up for that half marathon coming up. I know I will probably end up doing it, I just don't want to give up all these new classes and exercises I've been trying latley. When I'm training for a race I hardly do anything but run... but as I've learned, it's well worth it in the calorie department.

Happy Friday Eve! :-) Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday -- my day off from working out!

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  1. Way to go! I love my heart rate monitor, I have an F7. The battery in my monitor actually died a month or so ago and I NEEEED to get it mailed in to be replaced. I'm really curious to find out how many calories I'm burning at boxing classes, my heart feels like it's going to jump out of my chest sometimes!! :-P Keep up the good work!