Tuesday, February 14, 2012

what is love?

Ah, Valentines Day. The day every single person dreads because it reminds them of what they don't have, and the day every happily married annoys everyone around them with their new jewlery, flowers and romantic dates.

I'm not a very, uhm, "emotional" person, so v-day isn't all that exciting to me. I mean, I do have some good memories of years past (who can beat a trip to Paris over Valentines???), but in general, I think it is over-commercialized and a sad way to make up for the other 364 days of the year that are sorely overlooked.

However, with time comes perspective and a deeper understanding/appreciation of what love really is. Sure, I have a great husband whom I love. But is that all that love is about? I got to thinking this morning (as I put on my $15 cheap-o heart necklace I bought for this special occasion), what is love... really? Isn't is so much more than a romantic date night, a delivery of roses to your office, or a pound of chocolates?

Love is something everyone seeks. Admit it or not, it's true. I seek more love because I want a baby. Others seek love by finding a man. But truly, there is love all around you in various shapes, sizes and forms.

love is...

[a couch full of energetic nephews]

[a mother in law who treats you like her own daughter]

[a sister you can look up to]

[nephew cuddles]


[a glass of wine with a good friend]

[parents who have been married for nearly 30 years]

[being married to your best friend and trusting that you can also last for 30 years]

[nephews who like to play with trucks in the dirt]

[a mom who has been there with you through it all... and still loves you]

[a dad who takes care of you and loves unconditionally]

[little boy smiles]


[being silly]

... love is whatever you make of it. love is all around you.

 Strong like a mother holds her child
Free as horses running wild
And real as a prayer on a lonely night
And sure as the ocean tide

Oh love
Oh love
Oh the many colors that you're made of
You heal
You bleed
You're the simple truth
And you're the biggest mystery
Oh love

Deep as the life from Gods own breath
Endless even after death
Gone like the sunset

You can break a heart in pieces
Put it back together again
You can break down sweet forgiveness
You're the one that never ends

Oh love

happy valentines day lovers!


  1. Perfectly said! Awesome. I love you so much! Great post!!!

  2. Wonderful post :-) Wishing you LOTS and LOTS of love today!!

  3. I agree!! I try and appreciate all my relationships with family and friends all year, not just today!

  4. Love this post! Love IS definitely what you make it, and tt's so important to show love year-round, not just today.

  5. I couldn't agree more with this post :) Happy Valentines Day!

  6. I love when you said that love is all around you!!!