Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New livingroom furniture!

This past Sunday Eric took off work and we spent the whole day together. It was so good to spend time together, especially since he's been working so much with extra details and getting accepted on the Emergency Response Team unit. That will be an exciting opportunity for him, I'm sure!

We did quite a bit of shopping... for starters, I got this rug for our front living room:

Truly, this is all I wanted to go shopping for. But with us... achieving that goal is rarely ever possible.

I really did need new sheets for our guestroom, and have the hardest time finding something I like. I spotted this at Target and knew I had to have it. It's hard to find something pure white that doesn't look too plain. I also got the blue pillows on sale at Target which match the blue/beach items in the room.

While at Target (this post is a virtual ad for Target, I know -- but I love that store so much!), we spotted this leather ottoman that was on sale, so we got it!

I also talked Eric into getting this flag/certificate fame, so we could finally (two years later!) display the flag he had flown in Iraq and all of his coins from the Air Force.

I'm afraid that inspired me a little too much, and now I'm determined to completely replace all the furniture in the main living room. When we bought the house, the kitchen cabinets and all other wooden furniture was a light oak color. I always loved the darker wood colors, and have wanted to change it for a while.

Also, we didn't have enough furniture (going from a one-bedroom apartment to a 4-bedroom house) so we paid almost nothing for an entertainment center, side tables, and couch + loveseat from the lady selling the house. The couches are a horrid teal color, so we bought tan sofa covers (seen above), but I have been itching to completely replace them as soon as we could.

Soooo, with some of our tax money plus the extra money Eric is making at work, we're going to get a bunch of new stuff! American Signature Furniture has exactly what we want.

New entertainment center:

Some sort of plain side tables that match:

But best of all, new reclining leather couch + loveseat!

Of course I know what I like online, but once we get to the store and sit in them I'm sure I'll find one that I really love. I can't wait to see the transformation this is going to make!

Future plans are to also replace the oak dining room table with a darker wood, and since our kitchen cabinets are still oak color, I'm planning to paint them white(ish) which will match the red/white kitchen colors I have now. I'm so excited, I love making home improvements and redecorating! :-)


  1. New Furniture is ALWAYS fun...I love Target, too. I try not to venture there as often because it's hard to say no :)

  2. I have been wanting to buy that same bedding in purple! Very cute style, wish we could go shopping together!

  3. So... I had to come back to your blog and admit.
    After seeing how awesome that blanket looked on a REAL bed in a REAL home... it was on my mind like crazy. I had looked at it probably a hundred times and then, there it was on your blog!
    It was the final stake in our budget's heart (lol just kidding!) and I saved up my little 'spree' cash and definitely did and amazing Target run including: two new his and her lamps, two new his and her nightstands, new coat hooks, Rubbermaid containers, and... THE BEDDING. In purple, of course. White is NOT our friend. More props to you! You are brave. lol