Monday, February 6, 2012

it's that time again

I've decided that it's time to sign up for another half marathon. I've been enjoying my few months "off" from serious running. I've still been running between 2-6 miles, but nothing longer. I still love running (I ran 4 miles this morning!) and there was a half marathon just down the street from me yesterday, and it made me anxious to train for another one. I'm thinking about signing up for this Iron Girl half in Clearwater on April 22nd!

Talk about an awesome location for a race!

I've been enjoying different activitites like spinning, Jillian DVD's, and coming up this weekend - Crossfit! I even cancelled my Planet Fitness membership due to their non-existent classes, to sign up for another local gym which is $10 more a month than I was paying, but they have CLASSES! Zumba, spinning, yoga, pilates... I can't wait to do them all!

The one thing stopping me from signing up for a race too far in advance is that we're trying so hard to get pregnant... if I get preg between now and a race, I suppose I could still run it... I'm just not sure I'd want to! Haha. But then again, if I put everything on hold just because of a "what if", I probably wouldn't do much of anything. I think the $100 registration would seem trivial to lose in the event I did end up prego. :-)

What is going to be your next fitness challenge in 2012?