Monday, January 2, 2012

Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

I must say, I was blown away by all the support and encouragement I received on my last post. Thank you guys! I always try to be true to myself and honest with my feeling, and I'm glad to know when I do that here, it is well-received. Thank you! :-)

Having today off when most of the rest of the world had to go back to work has been fabulous. I slept in a little bit. Got a head start on school which begins again tomorrow. Cleaned my house. Emptied a scary amount of things from my pantry with long-expired expiration dates. Went on a run. Prepared myself for tomorrow.

It isn't usually my style to make a big deal of a new year. I don't like suddenly changing my life and eating/exercise habits just because the calendar reads January. I think any day is the day to change if you are unhappy or off-course with something in your life. Regardless, this year I took the time to reflect on the previous year in light of what I have accomplished, instead of what I want to change in the upcoming year. There is always going to be something to change, to improve upon, to accomplish. But what if we focused on what we have to benefit from by doing those things?

You may have seen the commercial (I think it's for Kellogg Special K?) that shows people nervously stepping on a scale in Times Square, only for it to show positive affirmations such as joy, pizazz, confidence, etc. The mantra of the commercial is "What will you gain?", which is a total shift in thinking from the normal focus of what we have to lose.

I want to make that my mindset in 2012. By looking back at 2011, I realized just how much I've changed as a person... how much I really did gain. Confidence. Peace. Knowledge. Love. I can only imagine how much more I will gain in this new year. Regardless of if you want to lose weight, re-focus your attitude, do something amazing, or whatever your resolution is - you have so much to gain by making positive changes. Even through hardships, there is something to gain. I love that.

What do you have to gain this year?

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  1. I'm hoping to gain a better outlook on my health and more confidence this year. I have always been horrible at resolutions and I loved that Special K commercial as well!!