Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricanes and other exciting things

Lots of exciting things are happening around here! Most importantly, all us Floridian's are breathing a sigh of relief that hurricane Irene is just barely missing our state. Unfortunantely it looks like it will continue up and hit some more northern states, but here in Florida we're very thankful. We live on the eastern side of FL, right along the coast, so had it continued this way, it would have been a direct hit. Yikes!

So far the only affects we've had  is some rain and it's really windy out today. Hopefully this will cool things off around here!

Talk about cutting it close!

In other news, since I've been so bad about blogging...

- Last weekend I ran 11 miles! I was stoked. It was SUCH a good run and I felt amazing during the entire thing. I felt like I could go on forever, and sort of wished the half marathon was that night! HA!

- There is exciting news (for me) happening at my job, which I can't fully announce yet... but I'm totally excited about the new opportunity and change of pace! (plus a little more money never hurts anyone)

We went out to dinner to celebrate last night :)

- We finished both our bathroom cabinets, and they turned out AMAZING! I only have a full picture of the guest bathroom, but I'm sooo happy with how this project turned out (we painted the laminate cabinets black from a light oak color).

- I was excited to see the new Skinnygirl Sangria in our local liquor store! I tried it the other night... it's a little bit sweet for my tastes, but still very good!

I'm off tomorrow because I'm having a little medical procedure done to try and help determine why I can't get pregnant. I'm crossing my fingers that everything is ok! Other than that, I need to finish a research paper this weekend, Erics family is coming over because his mom is graduating midwifery school, and we're going to just have a good time partying! :)

Have a great weekend everyone! Soon enough it will be Labor Day and time to decorate for FALL!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Can't" never did anything

Yesterday we had a work luncheon downtown, and my co-workers and I were sitting around talking about our exercise routines. I'm sure this topic was generated from the fact that the food we had just eaten was sitting happily in our tummies and we were thinking about how many hours it would take to burn it off. I know personally, I had half of my burger packed in a little to go box. It was the kind of burger that you cannot even fit into your mouth, you have to kind of go at it from an angle. You know the kind.

So we're talking exercise, and most people at work know I run. Further, most of them also know I'm training for my first half marathon coming up on October 1.

I always find it amusing the sort of reactions I get out of people when I say I ran 9 miles last Saturday. Or that I have 11 miles coming up this weekend as part of my training plan. Their eyes get big and round, and they sort of stammer out "Oh, I don't run. I can't run."

Really? You can't run?

I sometimes feel a little conceited when I tell people how far I'm running these days. It's almost an unfair image of me, because if they had only known how much I struggled to run a mile or two in years past. Up until June of this year I had never run farther than 4 miles. This weekend I'm running 11. But, I haven't always had this much stamina or motivation.

That's the thing about running... the more you run, the better you get.

But the reason I can run that far is because I told myself I could. Or even that I might. Just not can't.

I don't take "can't" for an answer. I'll accept "won't" - at least then you're taking responsibility and making a choice. But when you say you can't, you are cheating yourself of the opportunity to even try.

And we all know that every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Another one of my co-workers has a quote in the signature block of her email that I really like. It says, "'Can't' never did anything." True that.

So whatever it is that you're doubting you can accomplish, get out there and try it. Tell yourself that you just might be able to do it. You will probably be surprised with the results.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Master bathroom update!

Well, I'm proud to say we did it - and I love the new look in our master bath! We didn't run into any problems (unlike the guestroom) and it only took a day and a half. I had some things to do Saturday morning and afternoon, so I didn't start clearning out and taping until Saturday late afternoon. Then Sunday morning it was time to paint!

It didn't take too long, so when I was done and waiting for it to dry I watched some Jersey Shore with the pups in the guestroom...

Later that afternoon I took the painters tape off, cleaned it from top to bottom, and started putting things back together! Eric got home around 7 and started installing the new light fixture.

He ran into a few snags to it took him a while. In the meantime I got handy with the power drill and hammer and hung up everything else - glass shelf, toilet paper holder, pictures, curtains and towel hooks.

Now the good stuff- the before and after photos:

1) We had already taken out some of the lights and the mirror off the wall. We also still plan to paint the cabinets black and install silver hardware - that's this weekend's project! (I'm looking for insight from anyone who has painted laminate cabinets. I found a good tutorial here, but any other tips would be great!)

2) Took down the horrible blinds and put up a valence and towel hooks

3) Took down the silver towel rack and installed a glass shelf, plus added a new picture and paper holder

So there it is! I love our new and improved bathroom! I definitely went over budget (as usual) but total I don't think we spent more than $300 and we have a totally new bathroom. Yay!

P.S. sorry the pictures are making my layout funky... I'll re-size them later, but they're too small at any other size! :-)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekend plans

I'm really looking forward to this weekend! Even though the hubs is working, I plan to get a lot done and have some fun too.

I decided to take a little bit of the extra money Eric got from his overtime and re-do our master bathroom. Not like a major overhaul, but painting and decorating and replacing fixtures. I'm going to paint the walls, re-finish/paint the cabinet under the sink, replace the light fixture and mirror (MAYBE the faucet if it's not too expensive), put up new towel hooks (got new towels and rug) and decorate! I can't wait to show before and after pictures. We haven't touched it since we moved in, and it's a horrid yellowish color right now. This will make a world of difference! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Tomorrow morning I have a long run - 9.5 miles! I'm anxious about it, but looking forward to it at the same time. I hate getting up at 5AM on a Saturday to run, but I have to in order to beat the heat. UGH.

I scheduled a massage for Saturday at 11:30 (will be needing it after that run!), then I'm meeting that girl who apologized to me for lunch. Yes, she texted me yesterday. So here's to "second times a charm". Saturday night I'm going out for a friends birthday to get dinner and drinks!

Sunday I guess I'll be working in the bathroom all day! It's pretty small, so I don't anticipate it taking too long.

We're supposed to be getting some nasty weather from hurricane (tropical storm? I don't know, it keeps changing) Emily, but probably won't be getting hit by it.

What are your weekend plans?

TGIF! :-)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two's company, three's a crowd

It's one of those days. Yeah, those.

The kind where everything that walks on two legs annoys the hell out of you.
... and those with four legs aren't completely exempt either.

The kind of day where you want to shut the office door, ignore everyone and get nothing accomplished while planning your next vacation.

It's been building up for a while (what's new). I'm probably gonna write about some people who read this blog, but read on to see how little I care about that. If you remember, a month or two ago I wrote this post titled "Forgiveness". In that post I wrote about someone who had hurt me, and had yet to ask for forgiveness, but I forgave them anyway. I talked about how maybe someday that person would ask for forgiveness, but I wasn't expecting it or waiting for it.

Last Tuesday, this person texted me asking for forgiveness.

Yeah, I was shocked and surprised. But I texted back, saying I appreciated it, and asked if she wanted to meet to talk about things. She said yes. We talked about meeting last Saturday and she was supposed to confirm. She never did. I texted her Friday night- no response.

So that is irritation #1. Don't give a half-assed effort to make amends and then flake out on me. It isn't appreciated, and I can't help but take it into consideration next time you decide to contact me.

Also last week, I happened to comment on a note friend of mine wrote about birth control. This other girl, who I do not know, posted about having PCOS, so I replied saying I did too, and it sucks (in so many words). She immediately wanted to friend request me, so I said fine. Less than a week later, I realize she deleted me. WTF? What could I have possibly done in a weeks time to piss her off that much? Like, seriously people. Grow up. That makes irritation #2.

So, this month I was trying this new medication that was supposed to get me to ovulate. I did everything right and as far as I know and the pee-sticks tell me, I never ovulated. Big disappointment. But then that means I'm supposed to take what I now fondly call my "period pills" ... I was supposed to start taking them several days ago. But I have been in denial. I just want my body to FUCKING WORK. Is that too much to ask? I hate feeling like I'm broken, or disfunctional. Whatever. I grudgingly went to the pharmacy this morning and got the prescription filled. Another month wasted. Irritation #3.

And then, the final straw. Last night I made this new recipe and was halfway through, when Eric called to say he was in a high-speed chase with a armed robbery suspect and would be late. Ugh, ok fine. No big deal, he's been late before, I'll just make him eat the leftovers tomorrow. ;-) So I go to post something about it on Facebook, about his armed robbery suspect and blah blah blah. Shortly after, some people make some smart-ass comments about "Been there, done that, have the t-shirt!" and how that's "normal". Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize that the majority of men out there put their lives in danger for your public safety EVERY DAMN DAY. I didn't realize that I should applaud you for the t-shirt that you got. Pardon me while I step away and don't give a shit. It's MY husband who was in this situation... MY husband who got home after midnight and woke up at 6AM to go back to work... MY husband who I'm concerned about, not yours.

I know that sounds so unbelievably selfish, but so does your comment about the t-shirt, lady.

There, now I feel better just by writing it. Thanks for listening. Or not. I don't exactly care today.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Special report on Bikram Yoga

As promised, I want to tell you all about my first Bikram Yoga experience! I must say, it was like nothing else I've ever done in my life. Recently, Run Disney posted this quote on Facebook: "No one ever drowned in sweat." Let's just say after this class, I think that statement is debateable.

I have never sweat more in my entire life, I'm pretty sure. There were four heaters in the room, and I was pretty close to one of them. I was put at ease a little bit in the beginning when my old personal trainer Pam showed up to the class - I had no idea she was going to be there! She was giving me some tips and pointers, as did the instructor guy before the class. I'm glad they warned me about the wierd breathing noises the people make during the breathing exercises, so I wasn't totally freaked out. :-)

The movements weren't too hard (ok... some of them were!), even though I couldn't fully do all of them. To me, the hardest part was being so, so, so HOT. Literally, it was like I was taking a shower in my own sweat. Even your toes are sweaty. You can barely get a grip on your own skin because it's just plain wet. Someone told me the benefit of heat is 1) detoxifying, 2) muscles being more relaxed, and 3) your heart works better when it's hot. I'm glad there is some benefit - because I wouldn't go through that shit for no reason!

The instructor was sort of rigid - meaning, he corrected me several times during the class for using my towel to soak up the river of sweat pouring down my face (I was using the big towel I was supposed to stand on to soak up sweat, and forgot my little face towel. Oops), and taking a drink of water when it wasn't his official "water break" time. That's one thing about yoga - some people are very ritualistic and spiritual about it - so please don't disturb them. Sorry but when I'm flailing around trying to twist my body into various shapes and sizes, while losing my entire body weight in sweat, I think you can cut me some slack dude. LOL. Oh my, it was an experience, to say the least.

I remember looking to the back of the room to see what time it was, and it hadn't even been an hour. I still had like 40 minutes to go! I kind of made an "ugh" face, and a girl behind me laughed and gave me a knowing look. I was glad I wasn't the only one struggling through it. I never left the room once (of course, the instructor forbid me to do so... haha not really, but he "encouraged" everyone to try and stay in the room), but two other people did leave. AND - I at least attempted every move, when some of the other people had to take a break and lay down. I was proud of my attempt, let's just put it that way. :-)

Towards the end I started feeling a little dizzy and was getting REALLY tired. But, I made it.

After the class I felt good, just really, really tired. The instructor said I did a great job, and looked like I was "glowing". HAHA. I think he was confused with my face looking like a cherry and glistening in sweat. Surprisingly, I wasn't sore all over after the class. The only part of my body that was killing me for several days were my hamstrings. OWW. They were SO tight and it took me a couple of days to loosen them.

Would I do it again? Maybe. I might try it once more. I think what I'd rather do is regular yoga, minus 106 degrees. I liked the stretching and all that - just not the hot part. I think someone like my sister (who LOVES being hot) would enjoy it more. My official recommendation is that everyone should try it at least once! That way you know whether you love it or hate it.

So there you have it - my special report on Bikram Yoga! :-) I want to know if any of you try it, and what you think of it! It's definitely worth experiencing once!