Thursday, December 1, 2011

Technically, I have now run a full marathon!

This past Sunday, I finished my second half marathon! I was lucky I even made it, because the day before I was struggling through a 101.8 fever and cold/flu symptoms. I was chugging vitamains like nobodys business, and really thought I wouldn't make it. But around 2:00 my fever broke, I ate something, and started feeling just a little bit better.

Better enough to drag my ass out of bed at 4AM the next morning and run 13.1 miles! :-) I'm so happy I did it! And the amazing thing?? My time was about 30 seconds FASTER than my first race! What what!

Ready to go!

Yes I stole pictures from the official photo website becuase I wasn't about to pay $25 for a sweaty picture of me! ;-)

This race was was different than my first one. I had been sick the day before, and still felt a little bit out of it, so mentally I was sort of unsure of myself. I just kept telling myself I would finish. By mile 8, I was EXHAUSTED and really need to walk a lot more than my first race. I practially speed-walked the last 2 miles. Also I was super thirsty this race. I sometimes took two cups of water at the water stops.

That's partially why I have no idea how my time was faster than my first race when I was healthy and ready to go! Wow.

BUT I FINISHED! Go me! ;-)

This time, I think I'll wait a few months before running another one. I have my sights set on one in February, which I want to run with Jen and my sister again.

After the race, my hubby had gotten off work at 7AM or so, so he drove over to meet me and watch me finish. I loved this post-race more than the Disney one (well, expcept the Food & Wine Festival... can't beat that!) They had way  more "swag" to give away - of course the medal, a large race towel, a patch, a freezing cold ice towel to cool you off, orange juice, diet coke, pancakes, pizza, chapstick, wipes... you name it. It's too bad we had to hurry and leave so Eric could get at least 5 hours of sleep before he had to work again that night! :-)

I would probably do this race again next year. It was great!


  1. WOW, Stephanie!! So impressive :-D After being sick and all?? GO YOU!! Way to go.