Monday, December 12, 2011


Over the weekend I got the bug to get extensions. I wanted to do something different with my hair, but was sort of afraid of the price and the maintenance. But I reallllllly wanted it before I go to Vegas with my girlfriends in Feburary!

SO - brilliant idea - I got out the clip in extensions from our wedding. I had splurged at the time and gotten real, human hair extensions (Remy), because I knew I wanted to curl them and do different things. I watched a tutorial video on YouTube especially for extensions in short hair.

After experimenting last night, I dove in and decided to wear them to work today!

Drumroll please............

I love them! Amazingly, the color three years ago from our wedding still matches my hair today!

It will be fun (now that I'm getting better at putting them in myself) to experiment whenever I feel like long hair! :-)


  1. I love them!!!! I might want to get some for the wedding if my hair doesn't get to the length I want by then :)

  2. They look amazing on you! I find clip in extensions so difficult to hide...what's your secret??