Monday, October 31, 2011

Crazy is as crazy does

Well, I bit the bullet and signed up for another half marathon!

Just two days after Thanksgiving, November 27th at 6:15AM - the Space Coast Half Marathon (+ Marathon). It's the oldest race in Florida, and is also a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon!

The course is along Riverside Drive, which ironically is where my friend Jen and I ran 11 miles for the training of my first half. Gorgeous views!

The theme is obviously "space" since it's on the Space Coast. The race is celebrating 40 years! I can't wait.


Finishers medals:

I may or may not be addicted! :-) Mostly though, I signed up because I need motivation to keep running. Also because I live on the Space Coast and wanted to be a part of this prestegious race for the sake of history! I found that after my first half I felt "accomplished" and gave myself permission to slack a bit. However I want to keep up the momentum. Signing up for races is expensive, but worth it if it keeps me going!

I decided that at this rate, I need to make some sort of plaque to hang my medals (I also plan to run another one here in Melbourne in February with Jen and my sister). I swear I saw something like this on Pinterest but of course didn't pin it, and now for the life of me I can't find it! Anyone have ideas??


  1. The comments under this blog post have some good ideas:

    I think my fave suggestion was to turn them into Christmas Ornaments!

  2. That race course looks beautiful!!!!!