Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two's company, three's a crowd

It's one of those days. Yeah, those.

The kind where everything that walks on two legs annoys the hell out of you.
... and those with four legs aren't completely exempt either.

The kind of day where you want to shut the office door, ignore everyone and get nothing accomplished while planning your next vacation.

It's been building up for a while (what's new). I'm probably gonna write about some people who read this blog, but read on to see how little I care about that. If you remember, a month or two ago I wrote this post titled "Forgiveness". In that post I wrote about someone who had hurt me, and had yet to ask for forgiveness, but I forgave them anyway. I talked about how maybe someday that person would ask for forgiveness, but I wasn't expecting it or waiting for it.

Last Tuesday, this person texted me asking for forgiveness.

Yeah, I was shocked and surprised. But I texted back, saying I appreciated it, and asked if she wanted to meet to talk about things. She said yes. We talked about meeting last Saturday and she was supposed to confirm. She never did. I texted her Friday night- no response.

So that is irritation #1. Don't give a half-assed effort to make amends and then flake out on me. It isn't appreciated, and I can't help but take it into consideration next time you decide to contact me.

Also last week, I happened to comment on a note friend of mine wrote about birth control. This other girl, who I do not know, posted about having PCOS, so I replied saying I did too, and it sucks (in so many words). She immediately wanted to friend request me, so I said fine. Less than a week later, I realize she deleted me. WTF? What could I have possibly done in a weeks time to piss her off that much? Like, seriously people. Grow up. That makes irritation #2.

So, this month I was trying this new medication that was supposed to get me to ovulate. I did everything right and as far as I know and the pee-sticks tell me, I never ovulated. Big disappointment. But then that means I'm supposed to take what I now fondly call my "period pills" ... I was supposed to start taking them several days ago. But I have been in denial. I just want my body to FUCKING WORK. Is that too much to ask? I hate feeling like I'm broken, or disfunctional. Whatever. I grudgingly went to the pharmacy this morning and got the prescription filled. Another month wasted. Irritation #3.

And then, the final straw. Last night I made this new recipe and was halfway through, when Eric called to say he was in a high-speed chase with a armed robbery suspect and would be late. Ugh, ok fine. No big deal, he's been late before, I'll just make him eat the leftovers tomorrow. ;-) So I go to post something about it on Facebook, about his armed robbery suspect and blah blah blah. Shortly after, some people make some smart-ass comments about "Been there, done that, have the t-shirt!" and how that's "normal". Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize that the majority of men out there put their lives in danger for your public safety EVERY DAMN DAY. I didn't realize that I should applaud you for the t-shirt that you got. Pardon me while I step away and don't give a shit. It's MY husband who was in this situation... MY husband who got home after midnight and woke up at 6AM to go back to work... MY husband who I'm concerned about, not yours.

I know that sounds so unbelievably selfish, but so does your comment about the t-shirt, lady.

There, now I feel better just by writing it. Thanks for listening. Or not. I don't exactly care today.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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