Monday, August 8, 2011

Master bathroom update!

Well, I'm proud to say we did it - and I love the new look in our master bath! We didn't run into any problems (unlike the guestroom) and it only took a day and a half. I had some things to do Saturday morning and afternoon, so I didn't start clearning out and taping until Saturday late afternoon. Then Sunday morning it was time to paint!

It didn't take too long, so when I was done and waiting for it to dry I watched some Jersey Shore with the pups in the guestroom...

Later that afternoon I took the painters tape off, cleaned it from top to bottom, and started putting things back together! Eric got home around 7 and started installing the new light fixture.

He ran into a few snags to it took him a while. In the meantime I got handy with the power drill and hammer and hung up everything else - glass shelf, toilet paper holder, pictures, curtains and towel hooks.

Now the good stuff- the before and after photos:

1) We had already taken out some of the lights and the mirror off the wall. We also still plan to paint the cabinets black and install silver hardware - that's this weekend's project! (I'm looking for insight from anyone who has painted laminate cabinets. I found a good tutorial here, but any other tips would be great!)

2) Took down the horrible blinds and put up a valence and towel hooks

3) Took down the silver towel rack and installed a glass shelf, plus added a new picture and paper holder

So there it is! I love our new and improved bathroom! I definitely went over budget (as usual) but total I don't think we spent more than $300 and we have a totally new bathroom. Yay!

P.S. sorry the pictures are making my layout funky... I'll re-size them later, but they're too small at any other size! :-)


  1. Oh my gosh it looks great!! The blinds in our master bath are so gross!