Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricanes and other exciting things

Lots of exciting things are happening around here! Most importantly, all us Floridian's are breathing a sigh of relief that hurricane Irene is just barely missing our state. Unfortunantely it looks like it will continue up and hit some more northern states, but here in Florida we're very thankful. We live on the eastern side of FL, right along the coast, so had it continued this way, it would have been a direct hit. Yikes!

So far the only affects we've had  is some rain and it's really windy out today. Hopefully this will cool things off around here!

Talk about cutting it close!

In other news, since I've been so bad about blogging...

- Last weekend I ran 11 miles! I was stoked. It was SUCH a good run and I felt amazing during the entire thing. I felt like I could go on forever, and sort of wished the half marathon was that night! HA!

- There is exciting news (for me) happening at my job, which I can't fully announce yet... but I'm totally excited about the new opportunity and change of pace! (plus a little more money never hurts anyone)

We went out to dinner to celebrate last night :)

- We finished both our bathroom cabinets, and they turned out AMAZING! I only have a full picture of the guest bathroom, but I'm sooo happy with how this project turned out (we painted the laminate cabinets black from a light oak color).

- I was excited to see the new Skinnygirl Sangria in our local liquor store! I tried it the other night... it's a little bit sweet for my tastes, but still very good!

I'm off tomorrow because I'm having a little medical procedure done to try and help determine why I can't get pregnant. I'm crossing my fingers that everything is ok! Other than that, I need to finish a research paper this weekend, Erics family is coming over because his mom is graduating midwifery school, and we're going to just have a good time partying! :)

Have a great weekend everyone! Soon enough it will be Labor Day and time to decorate for FALL!


  1. Mmmmm! The Sangria looks so tasty. I bet you could water it down a bit if too sweet, right? Thinking of you with your medical procedure-- Hope it all turns out okay!! :-) Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Stay safe with the hurricane stuff and congrats on the good things happening with your job! Good luck with the medical procedure! I hope you get your answers!