Monday, June 27, 2011


What a freaking crazy time the past two weeks have been. I have almost completely lost track of time, because I cannot believe it's already almost July. Seriously, where has the time gone?!?

Last week was a final class for me, and I finished up a 10-page research paper successfully. I'm so thankful for the ability to be able to work full time and attend school... and maintain a 4.0. I never thought I'd be doing it, and at times it's really hard and I want to quit, but I'm keeping the end goal in mind! I can't wait to be a psychologist some day.

Stuff at the office has been sucking the life out of me. I normally say how much I love my job, but recently things have been just... sucky. Several people were laid off, but they aren't leaving until June 30th, so it's been all awkward with them. Then, shit hit the fan with our CFO and he just resigned last week. Let's just say I have never looked forward to vacation this much in a while!

Speaking of vacation, we leave Friday for Indiana to see my fam! I can't wait! Just getting AWAY is what I need right now. I'll still have to deal with school, but I hope to crank out a lot this week in order to not worry about it this weekend. We're taking my nephew JJ with us for the week (should be an interesting 4-hour plane ride) and we're gonna have lotsa fun.

I was out shopping on Saturday afternoon (spendin' money we don't have! lol) and I stopped by the Running Zone to buy a muscle roller-stick thing, and just thought I'd try some shoes. I was in desperate need of new ones, that's for sure. I have probably 300 or 400 miles on my old ones, and the soles were starting to wear out. I was supposed to wait till my birthday, but I found a pair I loved (and were SO comfortable/supportive) and Eric said "go ahead"! :) My only condition was that they were pink, so she found a Saucony pair with a little pink on them!

I love them! Just in time for my long 6-7 mile run this weekend. Yay!

Still nothing. Had a doctors appointment today which was good. I needed some reassurance. She put me on two new medications to see what happens. One is to regulate my insulin levels, which should regulate ovulation. Having insulin/metabolism levels out of whack can also affect weight loss, so this medication should help in that department. The other medication she said increases the possiblity of "multiples"... (but not like quadruplets or anything crazy, more like twins) which was kinda cool! I think it would be so cool to have twins! :)

Fingers crossed!


  1. Good luck!! Enjoy your vacation...and new shoes! I love a new pair of running shoes (though, I'm not a runner...but they do make me feel like working out more)

  2. Good luck with the baby process and have fun on your vacation! Your not coming through Columbus, OH by any chance are you?! I would love to meet ya if you're ever around here!

  3. Thinking of you Stephanie!! Love your new sneaks :-)

  4. Cute new shoes! Good luck with the new meds!!