Thursday, June 9, 2011

Life has taken over

Our life has been non-stop for the past several weeks! Of course I should say, what else is new right? I was just wondering when we have a free weekend to "do nothing" like we used to enjoy ... and it's gonna be a while. To give you a little glimpse...

Last weekend we celebrated Eric's 25th birthday - I got him a brand new shiny grill! It was also our official 3rd wedding anniversary, which is exciting. ;-)

This weekend I have a work event on Saturday morning, then we're headed over to Lakeland because my parents flew into town and we're celebrating a combination of birthdays/anniversaries with them! Should be fun, can't wait to see everyone!

Next weekend Eric's cousin Jason is having a birthday party Saturday night...

The weekend after that I don't have anything planned (yet)... Eric works so maybe I'll get some stuff done.

The next weekend is right before July 4th and we're flying up to Indiana to spend a week with my parents and see my cousins/aunts/uncles/grandparents! While we're there we will probably celebrate my birthday and see some fireworks for the 4th. Looking forward to a little vacation time!

The week/weekend after that is my real birthday, but my sister is planning a beach birthday party for my nephews 4th birthday, so we'll be headed back over to Tampa!

.... and so on and so forth.

Can't say I'm complaining, because we're truly very blessed to have friends and family to celebrate life with. I just have to work a little harder to fit school in there in between work and life, but I'm getting along just fine.

I just love my little family. Even though we haven't been successful yet in getting pregnant, every day my two four-legged girls make me laugh and give just as much love as I could ask for.

I'll leave you with this cuteness I captured earlier this week.

It should win a cute award, right?!? Layla always makes me laugh.

Have a great weekend everyone. Don't sweat the small stuff, and don't forget to celebrate life every single day!

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  1. I feel like summer is always the busiest time of year! I have five days straight off from work coming up and other than going to my graduation we have NOTHING planned.....I hope it stays that way!

    I hope that you have an amazing birthday and visit with your family :)