Monday, May 23, 2011

Thank You + Weekend Project

I first want to say thanks to everyone for your supportative comments on my previous post. I really put myself out there, and I appreciate your positive feeback! I will keep you updated as things progress, and have been inspired to continue being honest and upfront - thanks to you!

I took this past Friday off and enjoyed a fantastic, long weekend. Eric left Friday afternoon for a friends birthday party, so I did some shopping (of course!). I was in the mood to buy some house deocrations, so I stopped by a store we have around here, Old Time Pottery, which has the BEST decorating stuff for very good prices.

They had two entire isles of beach decor and nautical looking stuff. I was suddenly inspired to re-do our guest room which I haven't touched since we moved in six months ago. It was a horrible peachy/pink color and has been on the top of my "to do next" list for a while. I left the store with $100 in decor that I thought would work, then went home to research nautical looking rooms.

This was our guestroom two days ago:

The first thing I noticed in my room research was the use of beadboard as a common theme for nautical-looking rooms. How hard can that be right? I stopped by Lowes and their sheets of bead board were about $20 each... not too bad. I decided to go for it.

I texted Eric to tell him what he could look forward to as soon as he got home, and he agreed! I was on a roll. I woke up Saturday morning and kept scheming even more... getting the room ready, and looking up tutorials on how to do beadboard DIY style.

As soon as Eric got home, we went to Lowes and got started!

We painted the top half of the room a light tan color, then started cutting the beadboard. We bought some sort of jigsaw thingy to cut it. Everything I read said to use some sort of liquid nails, then hammer a few finishing nails in just to keep it in place.

Well this was the first piece... and it didn't go so well.

First of all, the "glue" Eric picked up ended up to be some sort of caulk. Definitely not glue and definitely didn't work. Second, the white nails we picked up were so flimsy and would NOT nail into the wall at all... kept bending and breaking and it was a trainwreck.

Eric's next idea was to use screws. I didn't like it, because I know most screws aren't white and are much larger than nails. But we took another trip to Lowes and picked up some screws (surprisingly found some with white tops) and came back to try them out. Turns out that was a horrible idea, because the screws worked, but they tore up the beadboard so much it left a giant brown spot where the screw was.

So, off came that first piece of beadboard. It was getting close to 10PM so we called it quits for the night.

My parents Skyped me right about this moment, so I talked to them for a bit. Both of my uncles were also with them, because they helped work on my parents fixer-upper house they bought in Indiana. I told mom we were having a "beadboard crisis" and they suggested renting a nailgun. Brilliant (although not in the budget - I was desperate).

The next morning we woke up and headed to Home Depot for the nailgun and a few other things - like more glue (we KEPT buying MORE GLUE. We started off with two tubes, and ended up using like 10. We also kept buying more beadboard - and we learned that the people at the store will CUT it for you! That way it actually fits in your car without having a "moving violation" as my deputy sheriff husband was sure to point out as something we were doing, and it takes them all of 3 minutes! Oh the things I learned...). So another $100+, several tripped circuits, three more trips to HD, and nearly second-guessing my beadboard "brilliance", we were on a roll getting the damn beadboard UP!

Just a note on the nailgun. My parents had suggested that we nail it in on a down-angle that way it stays in better. I mentioned it to the guy at the rental store and he very much suggested against it... giving me the "I was a carpenter for 10 years" speech and even demonstrated how the nail would stick up on top if you did that, etc. etc. So the first few nails we put it we did straight into the wall--- and they all went straight in and disappeared. Even turning the compressor down didn't help, they were going straight through.

So Eric decided to angle it, and guess what? It worked like a charm. It stopped going straight through and the nail didn't stick up at all. I guess my suggestion here is to listen to your parents! LOL.

This took us the majority of the afternoon. I think we picked up the nailgun about noon and finished up around 9PM. The guy at the rental store was trying to be helpful and said that if we wanted to save money, we could pick it up at 3PM and return it by 9AM the next day for a 4-hour rental (instead of all day). He was all like, "Well it doesn't take that long to put beadboard up...". I looked at him, laughed, and said, "You obviously don't know us!" :-)

I was stuck doing the math on the cutouts for the outlets... and ohmygod I had my fill.

It was time for a Slurpee break!

Miss Layla was exhausted too...

Another little tip - we kept getting scuffs and dirt and fingerprints all over the white beadboard (and the walls too) so I used my little Magic Erasers and they work BRILLIANTLY. Just be careful, sometimes they work too well and take the white finish off!

After the beadboard, we got most of the trim up too! Some pieces are uneven and need caulking (I guess that caulk Eric got will come in handy afterall ;-), and cutting the corners to fit at 90 degree angles was a challenge... but it was coming together!

Once we got all of it up that we could (still needed one more piece), I had Eric help me put up the decor, vaccum the floor, switch out the bedsheets, and we were DONE FOR THE DAY!


I love it. It looks exactly how I thought it would. It is so peaceful and "serene" in there now. After we were done, Eric and I just sat on the floor for 10 minutes admiring our work. Man, it feels good.

I'm going to pick up a few more decorations today over lunch and see what else I can come up with. I want to get new bedsheets (or at least pillows), curtians, and maybe a little chair for the corner. I'm so excited about it! I have another long weekend coming up (yay Memorial Day!) and I plan to finish the little details.

Don't you want to come stay in our guest room now??!? :-) I'm exhaused and sore today, but it was worth it!


  1. Very nice! I thought about doing that in our daughter's room.

  2. I LOVE it! Man, you guys really went all out for it! Im glad it all worked out in the end!

  3. Love it...ha. Listen to your parents!! That so cracks us up. Dad is proud of Eric, and so am I. Good job. Live and learn. You guys will only get better as you do more. Remember, we've done quite a few house redos and projects in our lifetime!!
    Can't wait to come try out the new room!

    Lots of love!

  4. Wow! You guys got all that done so quickly! I have been bugging my husband to paint a dresser and crib for like 2 months, lol. Oye! But it looks great!!