Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The weekend

This past weekend was Easter, but we didn't do ANYTHING special ... and I loved it. Actually, I was sort of surprised at how much of a holiday it was! Everyone was taking off work, all the stores were closed - Target, the mall, and even Publix (!). Now I know that sounds awful coming from someone like me - a solid Christian who obviously understands the meaning of Easter - but it was just a surprise and sort of weird. I guess now that I'm on my own it felt kinda random.

I remember Easter's as a kid and mom always giving us our basket of candy before we'd get dressed up in flowery dresses and special shoes and hairstyles, then head off to church for the special service. It was always a big production. Sometimes we'd have a special meal and have family over.

I posted on Facebook a few days before that I "felt" like I should be doing something special... like going to church or cooking a special meal. But, even as I wrote that, I knew I wouldn't. We have no family nearby and I really just didn't feel the need to do what everyone else does, or what is "normal". I'm really just enjoying our life as it is right now, and making our own rules and traditions. I don't like (never have, never will!) conforming to what others think I should do. Should I cook ham on Easter, get a special spring dress, and go to church? Depends on who you ask. And if you ask me, I say if that's your tradition, then great. But for now, and at least until we have kids, we didn't , and probably won't, do anyyyything.

So you know what I did on Easter? I slept in, bought a book, and washed my car.

And it was great.

I wanted to do some shopping -  was looking for some long shirts and leggings - but since all the stores were closed, I drove around and found a Barnes & Noble open, so I happily spent almost 2 hours perusing the shelves. My husband is lucky I didn't come out with the new Nook Color (which I'm dyinng for) - I was good and will patiently wait until my birthday in July when he'll buy me one. ;) I was,however, looking for a good book to read on vacation this coming week.

I decided upon this:

Yes, the highly controversial book about the fate of all mankind. The book that your pastor has probably told you not to read. In fact, as I was buying it, the cashier lady said, "It's funny, last week in church my pastor was all like 'Don't buy this book!'" Ironic, because how is one expected to form their own opinion if they don't read something themselves? Are they to simply (naively) believe the "opinion" they hear from their pastor? I'm sorry, but I don't operate that way. I will not form an opinion unless it is based on facts that I have read myself. And that requires reading the damn book for yourself, people.

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly, one begins to twist facts to suit theories instead of theories to suit facts."

(Sherlock Holmes aka Sir Conan Doyle)

So, on vacation (starting TOMORROW! YAY!) I will read this and hopefully come back with my own opinion, based off of data that I've actually read. I try to do that - form my own opinion/tradition/belief - in all aspects of my life... from Easter traditions to theories eternal life.

See ya in a week blog friends! :)


  1. THANK YOU thank you, a million times thank you!

    so.. the book.. you will no doubt form an opinion, but i wouldn't be hoping for any concrete guns a blazin facts that you are now going to march forward in to battle with (i know you probably aren't,just sayin). It is for the most part, a lot of questions designed to make you think. He presents his views of course, but i love how it is really designed to entice us to think about things and then go and research and re read scripture for ourselves rather than for our church or a pastor.

    i agree that it is very sad that in some conservative circles, pastors are telling their congregations to outright NOT read a book by a brother in christ they respected and were an advocate of even just one year ago. This is all at once ridiculous, unbecoming, and unchristlike.

    i know im ranting and im stopping now i promise :) i seem to have become the liberal poster child for this book, and take all the heat from the conservative christians in my circle of friends (i use this term loosely) who refuse to read it themselves but make it a point to fight me on every word of it.

    anyway, have a FAB, restful, amazing vacation. you deserve it!



  2. I had to work till 3pm on Easter, so we just went and had a laid back meal at my grandparents house. I made my fiance a small easter basket and he got me a hyndrangia bush which was really sweet :) I wanted to go to church, but work prevented that.

    I think its important to make your own traditions when you get married or have kids. Its hard when your family isn't close by (that was the case for me till I was in middle school) but my parents always made holidays special and I really loved that!

  3. bell has always been controversial. im glad that you are reading it for yourself!

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  5. I Love your honesty! Love that you still celebrated your time in your own way. Good for you for making up your own mind. I Love women who aren't scared to form their own opinion!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week, Love.

    That Girl in Pearls