Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend activities

We had such a fun, packed weekend! The weather has been gorgeous, and I'm loving running outside and spending time with the doors/windows open in the house.

Friday night we went out to Pizza Gallery and World of Beer with some friends. John had just gotten back from a deployment so it was great to have him back home!

Callie and John, and half of me :)

Rams and John

On Saturday afternoon we drove over to Plant City. Eric stopped at my brother and SIL's house for the night, and I went to hang out with Sarah! So glad she came all the way from Indiana just to see ME! (haha)

Then Sunday, we took both nephews, JJ and Brandon, to the Plant City Strawberry Festival! It was a gorgeous day, even though the weatherman had predicted 80% chance of rain. It didn't rain a drop!

Both boys had fun, but only JJ wanted to ride the rides... Brandon was so scared! LOL Even JJ looks totally serious on all of the rides... but then he would get off and say he had "so much fun!" :)

Brandon, or as JJ calls him, "Cubbie" or "Cousin B" - watching the choo choo train

The ONE ride we convinced/dragged Brandon onto was the carasouel, and he eventually started crying... haha poor kid!

So then both boys wanted to sit on with Aunt Steffi for the remainder of the carasouel ride :)

Out of all the greasy, fried food at the festival, my favorite is always kettle corn! Apparently it was the boys' favorite too!

On the way home I made this video for "Goey" (mom -aka Grandma) with JJ and Brandon. I think it was a hit with mom! :)

As you can see, we had a fun day! :)

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  1. It was a hit with the boys and with me! Thanks so much for thinking of me. Love it.

    Miss you all so very much. I hope I can come down and do stuff like that with you soon.

    Love ya..Mom