Friday, January 28, 2011

I heart Fridays!

So I've gotta say...

But who doesn't, right?!? :)

I'm in a much better mood/place than I was at my last post. Life is still busy, but I'm dealing with my stresses at work differently (better, I'd like to think). 

I took a weekend off from Facebook, and it was a welcome break. Funny how it changes your perspective. I guess I feel a little more private with my life... like I don't want to share everything with the world anymore. I don't need to. Others validation isn't what is going to make me feel better - my own validation is what I need!

Today I'm signing up for Planet Fitness. Since leaving our apartment complex, I no longer have the free gym to work out at. I still can drive 30 minutes to Patrick AFB and use the gym for free, but that's a little too far with my schedule. So, I discovered a Planet Fitness 10 minutes from our new house, and 6 minutes from my office! It's time to do it... I've been seriously slacking in the workout department, and looking for something new to get me motivated again.

I know a few bloggers who go to PF... I'm wondering if signing up for the "black card" is worth it? It seems like it to me... you get free tanning, massage chairs, and you can bring guests (um, hello Hubby who never works out! lol) It's $20 a month, but no up-front fee. Also, right now I pay $16 a month for online Weight Watchers, and I'm thinking about cancelling that...which will make it about even anyway! Thoughts from you PF veterans out there?

Tonight I'm (hopefully) going to hit up my new gym, get my nails done, and then have a fun evening with my friend driving all the way over from Tampa - Jen! So excited that she's coming over!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Love Love Love your blog layout! Is it new or am I just now noticing it! LOL!
    The gym sounds awsome! I had looked at are Anytime Fitness here but its WAY expensive and I dont have that kind of money!
    Sounds like your going to have a fun weekend! ENJOY!

  2. I think I also need a break from Facebook :)

  3. Glad to hear that you're feeling much better :-) Planet Fitness is awesome!! Hope you're enjoying it! We have the Black Card membership and tan a few times a week (though it's only 10 minutes rather than 20 like in normal beds) We like it because when we travel down to Kansas City, we can use that gym for free. Hope you're having a great start to the week!

  4. yeah a break from FB sounds like a good idea to me and from the internet in general! sometimes it gets way too overwhelming. glad you are feeling better girl, everyone needs to vent sometimes. ;) having a giveaway at my blog if want to check it out!