Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's so gorgeous outside right now, it's killing me to be sitting at my desk!

*Spring is defininitely here*

So I finished out the month of March with a total of 27.08 miles - a record! It feels so good! I have a 5K this weekend, so I may rest the next two days, or just do an easy run tomorrow night and rest Friday.

I can't wait for this weekend! Saturday morning (earrrrrlyy) is my 5K, then we have puppy school with Layla at 12PM, then we're headed to my parents house for Easter weekend! I can't wait to give the nephews their Easter baskets and have some of mom's amazing cooking. MmmMMmMmm.

Now, I just have to get through Thursday and Friday. :)

What are your weekend plans?

Oh, head over to a blog I just started following, The Undomestic Momma and check out her giveaway! Here's the details:

This weeks giveaway is a $50 Gift Certificate to Lisa Leonard Designs!

These are some of her designs:

I love this one for my mom (Mother's Day??)

And one of these for me... how cute are they?!?

Be sure to check it out!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Maybe someday

If my hubby drives a police car like this someday... well that would be pretty hott. :)

Carbon is developing the E7, a purpose-built patrol car that will be sold only to police agencies. It has a BMW turbocharged diesel engine. The E7 is expected to launch in 2012, and the company says it currently has 12,500 reservations for cars. (I wonder if Orlando Police Dept. is on that list! Ha!)

According to the Carbon Web site, the E7 will use an aluminum spaceframe structure, will be built to survive a 75-mph rear impact and designed to last for 250,000 miles. It lists the performance targets at 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds, a top speed of more than 150 mph and combined city/highway fuel economy of 28 to 30 mpg.

I want a ride! :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Not much to say

It's a rainy Monday here in Florida.

I'm extra tired today because we did the whole getting-up-every-two-hours thing for Layla last night. She has diarrhea - again. I've called the vet and am waiting to hear back. It may be as simple as getting a refill on antibiotics. I hope.

Some girls in the office are ordering chinese to be delievered for lunch - a great alternative to going out in this rain! My wonnnerful hubby is going home to let the dogs out so I can stay nice and dry. Thanks babe!

The good news is, after today's rain, look at the forcast (in Melbourne, FL) for the rest of the week! AMAZING!

I'll take it! :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter baskets!

Today we did some shopping and made Easter baskets for my nephews, JJ and Brandon! I can't wait to give them to the boys next Saturday!

Now we're just enjoying  a rainy Sunday afternoon, about to watch The Hurt Locker. :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

A little online shopping...

I had three discount codes to use on Victoria's Secret so I did a little shopping last night!!

This shirt, for work or whenever...

These pants just look so comfy and luxe! (I'm thinking cruise!)

And this shirt for going out, and for our cruise in the evenings.

I can't wait to get them! :) Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I heart running

I just ran 2.26 miles, which brings me to 22.06 miles total this month = the highest amount yet!! Rock on!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, guess what else? That brings me to a TOTAL (since I've had my Nike+ tracker) of ...

100.17 MILES! 

I think I'm on a running high! Hahaha!

I'm by no means one of those hardcore marathon or triathlon people, but the 2-3 miles I run each day really keeps me feeling good. I had heart surgery last year for my fast heartbeat and since then I've never been better! I'm one of those people who need to be alone and not think about anything to "decompress", and I think that's what running does for me. It's my time to be alone, and run mindlessly (almost) for about 30 minutes. It's stress-relieving and wonderful! :)

Happy Hump Day! The weekend is in sight!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random thoughts

- Had a good 2 mile run this morning
- I've lost about 2 pounds since being back on "track" last Wednesday!
- Eric and I are going to a banquet for United Way tonight (I'm just happy I don't have to make dinner! lol)
- Today Eric said he wants to meet me regularly once a week for lunch I think we're gonna try for Fridays.
- Meeting him for lunch is fun! <3
- My back has been killing me so I'm really looking forward to my adjustment on Friday. I'm also hoping to use the gift card I've had since Christmas for a good massage this weekend!
- I'm gonna go shopping and put Easter baskets together for my nephews this weekend! Fun fun!
- We haven't heard from our rude upstairs neighbor since last weekend. Let's hope it stays that way!

Happy Tuesday!

True or not: 11 Secrets Men Don't Know About Women

I saw this article on today and decided to see what you ladies think of their list of  11 "secrets" men don't fully know about women. Let me know what you think!

1. Women don't like explosions, in art or in life. (true)

2. Women aren't as funny as men. We're often cleverer, frequently wittier, but to be really funny demands a certain clownishness that our grace just does not allow. It's fine, really it is. (true)

3. We grow pathetic goatees and look awful in cargo shorts anyway. (true. duh.)

4. Women are aware of about 10 percent of the things men actually think and say about us. Best to keep it under five. (false)

5. Women love to be taken out to eat. It makes our day. (true)

6. A clean apartment will get you more bedroom antics than you'd think. (TRUE x 10234783453498)

Oceans Explosions Pictures, Images and Photos

7. Given the chance, women will smell and re-smell the scented-candle display at the store. We really can do this for ages. (pretty true)

8. Our clothes are complicated, our shoes unforgiving, and our constitutions delicate, so please, valet park. (true most of the time)

9. Every living woman likes wedding stuff. Even lesbians. (errmm, not true)

10. "Girls' night out" is usually some other woman's idea. (Not sure. Sometimes it is my idea!)

11. Women would rather be with you. We like you. Honestly, we talk about you all the time. (true)

What do YOU think, ladies?!?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh, it's Monday alright

I swear, a wonderful, relaxing weekend can be ruined by a bad night of sleep and a horrible day called MONDAY!

Our neighbors have been out of town on vacation and have someone staying in their apartment to watch their dog, Mikey. They've been gone a week and will probably be there another week. We're pretty good friends with them, and before they left we exchanged house keys (she's helped me let Layla out before when I couldn't come home for lunch, etc.). So anyway, for the better part of yesterday late afternoon we heard Mikey barking in his crate. He seriously never gets tired of barking. He must find it entertaining, or he's just so lonley that he wants to hear some noise. I don't know. Anyway, I kept waiting to see if he would stop and if the guy watching him would come back home. Well we went to bed, and Mikey was still barking. I must've fallen asleep, but woke up at midnight to hear Mikey STILL barking!!! Now, I wasn't irritated so much at his barking as I was that the guy "watching" him still wasn't back yet!! If that someone was supposed to be watching my dogs I'd be pretty upset!

So I get up, find the key to their apartment, knock just to make sure the guy isn't home, and go in there to let Mikey out to finally go potty. When he was done, I moved his crate into their bathroom and turned the fan on because I thought that would make his barking a little less noticable on our end. I left the guy a note telling him what I did. When I got back into bed I turned on our "sleepytime" music and it was much, much quieter and I was able to fall back asleep.

But seriously, I'm going to talk to my neighbor Callie about poor Mikey later today! I hope she doesn't mind that I took the liberty to let him out for them. I think if that was my dog, I wouldn't mind! I think that guy needs to realize you can't leave dogs unattended in crates for hours on end!!

This morning Eric got up before me because he had PT, and apparently Layla had pooped/peed all in her crate and was covered in it. He "yelled" at me (that's how it seemed that early in the morning, anyway) to come give her a bath because he had to go to PT. I was so pissy because I still had 30 minutes left to sleep and now it was ruined!!

THEN, when I let Amira out she rolled in some mud and was covered in it!! I just gave her a bath yesterday too!


Oh wait, to add insult to injury, we found out that our new upstairs neighbor isn't very nice or friendly. I knew he was military, but we weren't sure what rank he was. Turns out he's a First Sergeant (grreeeaaat) and doesn't like dog poop on "his side". Yeah, our first "introduction" was him knocking on our door and asking if we pick up our dogs poo because "if that's the rule then everyone should be doing it, and I'm trying to figure out which dog is pooping on my side."

Seriously dude? For starters, you've been here all of three days and you're already being a pain? News flash: you don't HAVE a "side" when you live in an apartment. Two, you may be a high and mighty First Sergeant at work, but here, you're just a noisy upstairs neighbor who is already getting on my nerves. Three, we pick up after our dogs, thankyouverymuch. (remember there's a bunch of people who have dogs around here, NOT just us! Remember the three headed monster!)

Monday, Monday go away! Don't come back another day!!!!!!

Thanks for listening to me vent. :) I feel better already. Haha.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pizza Bread

Pizza Bread tutorial: aka my husbands favorite meal of all time! 


1 pk of frozen dough (3 loaves in one pack. Makes two pizza bread "rolls")
1 jar of Prego sauce (any type)
2 pk of shredded mozzarella cheese (or your preference)
1 - 2 pk of pepperoni (I use one)
(Whatever else you like on pizza)
1 small pk of flour
Butter or margarine
Glass of ice water on hand


Thaw the dough the day of (follow instructions on package). Once risen, split in half.

Roll out like pizza crust

Spread on (thin) pizza sauce

Add cheese and pepperoni (and whatever else you'd like)

Roll up starting at short end, like a jelly roll.

Place fingertips in ice water and pierce ends to make sure they're sealed.

Bake at 400 for about 15 minutes. Baste with butter periodically, especially if it looks dry.

Check after 15 minutes, then lower temp to 350/375 and bake another 10 minutes.

Should be done when the crust sounds like a hollow "thump" when you flick it.

Cut into slices. Serve with bowl of warm pizza sauce and ENJOY!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday, and the three-headed-monster!

Well I totally missed Writer's Workshop yesterday! Bummer!

So far this week I've worked out 4 out of 5 days, which is awesome for me! I'm feeling it though... I did weights and lunges yesterday and am still a little sore from those, in addition to running MWF!

One kind of bummer thing - the apartment above us has been empty for a while now, but someone just moved in last night. UGH. I SO like it better empty! 

I'm just gonna vent for a second... so hang in there. :) Latley in the mornings when I let the dogs out, there has been this lady walking three dogs right in front of our apartment. Now, it's not like we're on a main road of the complex or anything. In fact, our little section doesn't even connect, it's like a dead end with brush behind us. I don't understand why she can't stay on the main road and stop bugging us! When I let Amira and Layla out, normally I just open the door (sometimes only in my little pajama shirt and underwear)... they're not on a leash but they run out and pee, and run back inside. They're both really good. But latley this lady has been out there at the SAME TIME. This causes her trifecta of dogs to go crazy, and so Amira starts barking like crazy too and totally loses her head. (remember, she's off the leash) I have to yell at her, above the noise of the other three damn barking dogs, to get her back inside. It's SUPER ANNOYING.

So last night she showed up (I have affectionately named her the three-headed monster) while I had my dogs out and was talking to my neighbor, Heather, who had her little dog out too. Oh, the craziness that ensued. It was just a mad-house, because there was basically 6 dogs barking like crazy. Then one of the three-headed-monster's dogs got off its leash, started chasing Amira around... oh lord have mercy. When I finally got Amira in the house, the three-headed monster and I finally spoke. This is a first - normally we're just yelling at our dogs, and by the time I get mine inside, I'm too pissed to talk to her. I asked her if she had just moved in because I'd never seen her around here before (we've been there over two years). She responded, just dripping with attitude (like SHE'S annoyed that MY dogs are barking at her obnoxious bunch. PUH-LEASE).

"No, I've been here TWO YEARS."

"Oh, I've just never seen you around here before." (hint, hint, go away!)

(no response)

"So, are all of these dogs yours?"


Ooooook then! So take your dog-walking business somewhere else, lady! (I wish I had the balls to say that)

Nowadays, I've been peeking out the blinds before I let my dogs out to hopefully make sure the monster isn't out there. It's still hit-or-miss. I'll just have to wait until Layla gets big enough to scare her away! LOL!

Ahhh, well, anyway. Tonight we're going to a movie with some friends, and other than that we have no plans for the rest of the weekend. It's supposed to be 79 degrees and sunny on Saturday.

You know what that means.


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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm not wearing green... but...

I may not be wearing green today, BUT... my eyes are green, so no pinches for me! :)

So this morning my husband informed me that if the black/white combo scarf I am wearing was 1) over my head and 2) I was in the Middle East .... I would be a terrorist. Good to know.

Random, but how cute is this mug? (I'm drinking sweet tea out of it, btw!)

Another 5K

Keeping in line with my goals of losing more weight, I signed up for another 5K on April 3rd!

Click here for more info on the Downtown Melbourne 5K

This race benefits The Haven For Children, a group home that we work with at our agency, Brevard Family Partnership. The Haven shelters children ages 0-9 who are no longer able to live in their homes. I'm excited for this one! I think my friend Heather is going to run with me.

I ran 2.3 miles on Monday and 2 miles today! Gotta bump it up! :)

Oh, I was so *good* last night too! I called Eric on the way home to ask what he wanted for dinner (gave him the options) and he says, "Hmmm, I think I really want pizza. Like, Papa Johns." OMG! No wonder I've been gaining weight! LOL. I told him he could order whatever he wanted and I'd have leftovers,which is exactly what we did. I asked him to "order something I won't like" (which was a Supreme) and it worked. I didn't eat pizza, but had healthy leftovers! Go me! Heheh.

Oh yeah, Happy St. Patrick's Day! Anyone gonna have some green beer tonight? We're probably (ok, definitely) not going out, but it would be cool if I could buy some at the store and bring it home... anyone know if that is possible?

st. patricks day Pictures, Images and Photos

UPDATE: Nevermind! I read how to make green beer online - super easy! Just start with a light beer and add a few drops of green food coloring! DUH! :) Can't wait to try it tonight.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting back on track

I have to keep reminding myself that today is Tuesday, not Monday! :) (since I had yesterday off) But that is a GOOD thing. The CEO is out this week, so it should be relatively slow and uneventful.

For the past month or two I have fallen off the "Weight Watchers" wagon I was on. Though I've increased my exercise (mostly running), I still managed to gain 3-4 lbs! I braved the scale this morning and vowed to get back to using WW online to track all my food and points, ESPECIALLY on weekends. That is where I fail big time. It's so easy to let go and write it off as "the weekend", but it really messes up my goals. I'm still cooking WW meals most evenings, but there are nights when we have pizza, chinese, or Papa Johns too. Here's to hoping I can get back on track starting today! (I've signed on to WW online twice already today!)

Oh, I wanted to thank all the visitors who came from Mama Kat's and the Writer's Workshop! That is a record amount of comments for me on one post! Thanks to you all for stopping by and a special thanks to the new followers!

Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Long weekend amazing-ness

Today is the last day of my 4-day weekend, but it has been amazing!!

Here are pictures from the trip to Georgia for my cousin Aaron's wedding (wife Kelly).

It was pretty COLD out! This is the dress I wore for our wedding rehearsal, but for some reason it was super uncomfortable when I wore it this time. Oh well. :)

Me with my Dad

Very pretty church

Gorgeous! (Kelly's dress reminded me so much of mine!)

She had a choir and everything who sang some songs in Latin. One lady sang Ava Maria... amazing.

Reception hall - gorgeous again!

Brandon (my cousin) and Jessica at the reception

I thought this was pretty cool (Aaron's mom, my Aunt Miriam, has cancer... she's still battling it)

Me with my cousin Spencer

Jessica, Miranda, Me, Lauren

It was a great time! We made the drive in 6 hours, which wasn't bad at all. Amira and Layla were great the whole trip, even in the hotel room. It was so fun to see family and spend time with everyone.

Today (Monday) Eric and I have been off, which is awesome. We got my car cleaned out from the trip, went shopping, had lunch at Crispers, and relaxed. I went for a run tonight and am about to make Chicken Enchiladas for dinner!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!! :)