Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An update for the sake up updating

HAPPY DECEMBER! I started listening to Christmas music over the weekend... so it has begun. I'm having a hard time getting into the "holiday spirit" becuase of the impending move and not decorating for Christmas, but I'll deal with it, and next year... it'll be on like donkey kong at our NEW house!

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! I had 5 whole days off and it felt like an eternity. I was actually ready to go back to work! Crazy right? But I discovered that the more time I have on my hands, the less I accomplish. I'm so driven by deadlines and being under pressure. I also thrive by being productive and feeling accomplished.

We had Thanksgiving with Eric's family, came home that same night, and spent the next 3 days at our place just doing a lot of nothing. Ok - we did start packing up the apartment, but I only took down decorations, packed up all of our books, and most of the "office" area.

(it doesn't look very "packed up" to me, but after emptying the shelves of books I put most of our decorations on them, to be packed up later)

Other than that, things are just the same around here. We have about 3 weeks till we move, and I have every weekend planned with something to pack up. Eric is going to start on the road next week, and he found out yesterday that his first shift is mids, which is the night shift. He'll bascially be leaving for work when I get home from work. Thankfully that will only be until January, but it'll require some adjustment I'm sure.

Sorry I've been an absent blogger latley - I'll try to be better! :) Trust me, I still enjoy logging in every so often and reading your blogs, even if I don't update mine.

On the schedule for this weekend is packing up our bedroom (closets/junk drawers) and maybe under the bathroom sink too!


  1. Sure you don't want to come here and help ME pack??? Ha.

    Christmas will be better next year .. at least with decorations and all.

    love you girl.

  2. Packing is NO fun! We have done it way to many times areselves! Were so happy to be in are home for good now :)
    Happy Packing