Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It FEELS like Christmas in Florida!

This morning I had to scrape ice off of my windshield before I could drive to the gym! I love weather like this - it actually makes it feel all Christmasy and wintery. It sucks that I can't run outside in the morning (if it were like 20 degrees warmer, that would be perfect) but I will deal with it for a few days. I say a few days because that's how Florida is - by the weekend it'll probably be back in the 70's! Gotta love it!

Besides the weather being super cold, it's been hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit. I'm not going to see my family this year, and we'll be moving the week OF Christmas (which means cleaning/unpacking/decorating that entire week I took off of work!). Don't get me wrong, I'm totally excited about our first house! It hasn't set in that in 13 days we'll be homeowners! But I'm just not "feeling" Christmas like I normally do. I can't relax and wrap gifts, I have to pack. I can't decorate or set up our tree because we're moving. I'm having Eric's whole family over for Christmas day and I don't even know what I'm cooking! (*gasp*) So needless to say, reading all these "Christmasy" blogs isn't super exciting for me this year. Hopefully I'll be back and better than ever next year!

I'm trying to keep this in my mind! ... it's our new house! Yay!

I do need an opinion on something though. Remember a few months ago when Layla chewed a hole in our carpet down to the cement?

Here's a friendly reminder in case you've forgotten...

Lovely, huh? It's hard to believe this innocent baby face did that, right? (Trust me, you don't know her)

Ok well here's my dilemma. We haven't told the apartment complex about it yet. We're moving out in 13 days and they have to "inspect" the apartment right? Well, Eric is supposed to call them this week and ask if we will have to pay or do anything about it. But here's my thing. We've been there almost 3 years, so I know they're going to replace the carpet when we leave. They always do. So why should we have to pay when they're going to replace it anyway???

I need your opinion. Should we put up a fuss if they say we have to pay to replace the carpet? Or should we have to pay because our dog ruined it ... *cough* eventhoughthey'rereplacingitanyway.... *cough*.

Help please! :)


  1. They know you have a pet, right?! then there shouldn't be a problem with it. If you want, you can give them a heads up...just so they don't think you are trying to cover something up. And you shouldn't have to pay...that is what your deposit is for...but I think you should get it back. Didn't you have to pay a pet deposit as well, too?

  2. If you had to make a pet deposit they might not give it back to you, but if they are replacing the carpet like we all know they will do it shouldn't be an issue.

    Its so exciting to be a homeowner. It was a little different for me since our place needed a good deal of work, but when you see how all of your patience has paid off it will be the best Christmas present ever!!!

  3. We had to pay for our first apartment to be repainted and carpets cleaned even though it was still in perfect condition. Apparently it was in the contract we signed. Before you put up a fuss, check out the contract! We felt totally dumb when we complained about having to pay and then they whipped that out.

  4. Usually they will end up charging you anyway, that is my experience anyway because I used to work for a management company that was ruthless and charged everything! So I wouldn't worry about it, it will probably just come out of your deposit. yay for a house!!