Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update on the house search

I'm so excited that things seem to be moving along for us to get a house! As I posted earlier, we really like this house, and we still may make an offer.


As much as we like it, we've only looked at two houses and I really think we need to look at some more. So Wednesday night we're going to look at these two:

#2 - I don't like the kitchen in this one as much as #1, but I love the pond in the backyard! This one is also a short sale but it already has lender approval, so it won't take as long. It's also slightly bigger and $3K less than #1.

#3 - This one is a 4 bedroom which is awesome, and is much bigger than either of the first two. It has a large, fenced in backyard which is perfect. It also comes with a washer, dryer and a HOT TUB! :) It's the same price as #1, but I think we would have a better opportunity to offer less because we'd be dealing with the seller and not the bank.

Last night we met with our mortgage broker who is going to process our VA loan paperwork. She said she would have our pre-approval letter to us today! That means we can technically make an offer on any house because we already know how much we'll be approved for. I'm happy about that! She was so awesome and sat there for an hour to answer our questions. She's been a broker for 30 years and I was on major information overload after talking to her... but it was good stuff to know.

What I'm hoping for is to have a decision made by this weekend on which house to make an offer on. I hope we make the right decision and don't lose something else that could be better.

Any advice on short sales, questions to ask, or anyting in general about buying a house? :)


  1. Oh the list I could give you would be long. I worked in real estate for 3 years. Make sure that you have a home inspection and have the electrical, roof and foundation checked out really well. Lucky for you (I'm assuming) since its Florida, you don't have to worry about basements. Its also helpful to know how close the schools and fire departments are and what the taxes are/if you can roll them into your mortgage payment instead of paying them every 6 months.

    With newer homes there is a lot less that could be wrong. You can always email me if you'd like, I love chatting about houses but I'm sure the process is a little different there as opposed to Ohio.

  2. How exciting! Home ownership can be stressful but it's so worth it! Good luck :)

  3. They're all fantastic looking houses!! Makes me think of "Florida" when I see them :-) This post is like your own little House Hunters episode on HGTV... love that show!