Friday, October 29, 2010

TGIF and funny Friday!

I'm soooooo glad it's Friday. I always am. This weekend will still be busy, but a good busy at least! Tomorrow morning I'm headed to my old stomping grounds on the west coast (Clearwater Beach) for a batchelorette party. I'm in my friend Britt's wedding next weekend, so let the fun times begin tomorrow!

Last night (AFTER I got home from school at 8:30PM mind you) I made a scrumptious pumpkin cheesecake for the hubs to take to his work party at the sheriff's office today. I made two of them, and he said there were only a few pieces left! Sounds like a hit! I had some extra so I made a few mini's last night, which I'm looking forward to having for myself. It had a yummy gingersnap crust and this sour cream mixture on top. So so good.

(I'll post the recipe soon!)

So I decided to play along with Kelly & Co. and post something I found funny this week! I actually just saw this today and it made me LOL. I normally don't like watching videos online (especially at work) but this one was awesome. Check it out for a good laugh! :) I love Ellen! (and the Becks accent is sooo cute lol)

Happy Friday!

Keeping Up With Kelly & Co

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  1. OMIGOSH!! I definitely laughed out loud. Good for him with playing along!! I don't think I could have done that... I would have been too nervous ;-) "Did I feel a thumb??" Hahahah, thanks for the laugh!

    Your cheesecake sounds delicious. Have a great weekend!