Friday, September 17, 2010

Wrap-up for the week

Yesterday we had a training/conference with Dr. Ron Archer for our organization and system partners. I have to say, it was the best conference I've attended in a LONG time! Very inspirational. He spoke on Transformational Leadership all day and it was incredible! If you ever have the opportunity, check him out. His website, I noticed, isn't that great design-wise, but don't let it fool you... he does a lot of consulting with the military and has his Ph.D and is an EXCELLENT speaker. (

(Me, Dr. Archer, and my supervisor Valerie)

His life story is one of the most powerful things about him. His mom was a prostitute and that's how he was born (a "trick" baby). He was left with a "madam" most of his life and she severely abused him. By age 10 he tried to commit suicide. But a social worker found him (that's what our organization does) and changed his life, got him back into school, and he's used his powerful story from then on. It was truly amazing. Makes me so incredibly proud to be a part of our organization and know that we make a difference in every child's life we touch.

Hearing him was motivation to me to stay in school and go as far as I can. He gave a powerful reminder that your education is the one thing that can never be taken away from you... your job, money, house, car, etc. ... it can all be taken away. Your education, however, cannot.

Anyway, this weekend we're just chillin'! I have to practice my speech for Tuesday and we have to go to storage to pick up our camping stuff for next Thursday, but that's it. Movies (I want to see "The Town" with Ben Aflec), drinks, and sleeping in are in order!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


  1. sounds very neat...wish I could of heard him.

    Yeah for chillin.

    You will have to try to come stay with us atleast one night at Sanibel!

  2. soooooo sad he had to endure such treatment, but sooooo much more happy that he was rescued out of it and his life steps were put on the right path. it's amazing that he will share that and encourage others.