Thursday, September 9, 2010


Is anyone else finding it hard to believe that tomorrow is FRIDAY already?!? So exciting! This week has flown by for me. We've had a lot going on.

I've been worried about our dogs because they've been sick this week - sneezing and wheezing like they have colds. Layla seems to be getting better and isn't sneezing anymore, but Amira was getting worse and started heaving and wheezing. It was weird and I was so worried about her! I waited one more day and then called the vet this morning. Apparently she has "kennel cough" (upper respiratory infection) and I picked up antibiotics for her today. I'm crossing my fingers that Layla doesn't get it too (it's contagious) because if we have to get her medication it'll be over $70!

This weekend we plan to relax, do a little shopping for our upcoming camping trip, and oh yeah, RELAX! We may go to the movies with friends tomorrow night, but pretty much we'll just be chilling.

Next week I'll be out of the office for two whole days at trainings, so I have a feeling it'll go by quickly too!

Tomorrow my supervisor and a friend of mine at work are ordering pizza in the office and having a little get-together lunch. That is always fun and passes the afternoon quickly! :)

Happy Friday-Eve everyone!


  1. I can't wait till next weekend when we have no plans! I'm walking my first 5K this weekend, so hopefully I don't die lol

  2. Hope you had fun! Of course, I'm reading this on a Tuesday so I WISH it was almost-Friday!