Tuesday, September 7, 2010

As promised, an update on "The Wedding"

I've enjoyed catching up on blogs and how Labor Day was for everyone! Ours was a whirlwind of activity, not much rest, and involved driving across the state of Florida and back. But it most ways it was fun.

Friday night I drove up to Daytona Beach, dropped off the puppies at my cousins, and met Eric and the rest of the people at the hotel. I was *super* nervous that I would run into you-know-who and not know what to say. Well it happened... but it was great because she ignored me and pretended I didn't exist. Actually she walked into our hotel room (because everyone else was in there) and luckily I was involved in a conversation with my friend Beth about what she was wearing to the wedding... so I continued that conversation with intensity so I wouldn't have to look up and see "her". It worked.

The second time I saw her was later that night, after we came back to the hotel after riding go-karts for several hours (which was a BLAST!). She came into our hotel room again, but this time her sister was with her. Her sister all came up to me and was like "Oh, you must be Stephanie." I was polite and said "Why, yes, I am" and resisted the urge to add "...you must've heard a lot about me!" But still, no interaction with "her". Us girls all know what other girls do, and why. Eric thought her sister was being polite... I know otherwise.

They left after a few minutes.

Saturday we slept in, got some lunch, and laid out on the beach for a few hours. Eric had to go help the bridal party with some setup, so I chilled in our room, had a few beers and watched TV. I got *super* red from just an hour on the beach because we forgot sunblock... as you will see in the following pictures. :)

This was my view at the beach:

You know how you always see signs about a strong "under current" and hear warnings about how to avoid the "rip tide". Well being a former lifeguard I know all that, but have never felt such a strong undercurrent as I did that day! I was attempting to walk back to shore in water only up to my waist and couldn't move. It was so crazy and could almost be scary for someone if they weren't strong enough to get out.

So, at 5PM I arrived at the wedding and it didn't start until 6PM. It was very casual and not really wedding-like at all. I'm so glad my friend Beth was there, along with my mother in law. Life savers.

So the only interaction at ALL I had with "her" was when I first walked into the reception place. She still was pretending to ignore me, so I walked up to her, smiled and said "congratulations!" She said "thank you" and continued with another conversation. That was it. It was quite apparent, given that moment was her opportunity to be nice and cordial, that she had no interest in doing so. It was absolutely fine with me, and only confimed everything I knew to be true about her anyway.

So after THAT was done with, I enjoyed the rest of my night and we took some fun pics!

Mikael (Eric's little brother, Eric and I and his mom

Good friends since middle school... Johnny, William, Eric

During the ceremony

Us at the reception... nice and red :)

Johnny, Beth, Me, Eric

Notice the large amount of space between her and I. Also, I almost photoshopped her out... but decided to not to. How nice am I that she is gracing the pages of my blog! :) lol

Here's to a short week and NO plans for this weekend! YES!


  1. Glad to hear the weekend wasn't too bad ;) We don't have a "no plans" weekend till the 18th and I cannot wait!

  2. You didn't mention all the fun you had with your family after this dumb wedding! And the awesome food I prepared for Monday's brunch. *so sad*

    Love you. So glad you were able to come and spend some time with us.