Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wedding issues

I was so going to wait until September to blog again (haha), but decided I couldn't wait. Aren't you excited?!? :)

So I thought about telling you all about how stressful my life is right now, between waiting to hear from the Air Force on if they will release Eric early, or if Osceola will let him start a little late, if we should move, if we should stay where we're at, losing Tricare and getting regular health insurance, Eric taking a pay cut, how the Cape job (big $$) opened up on the DAY he got an offer from Osceola.... blah blah blah. But I don't think I really care to go into that... I'm tired of thinking and will just sit tight and wait for things to work themselves out.

Instead, I'm going to get your advice on a wedding I am being dragged to this Saturday. Yes, it's finally here. The girl I wrote this post to. Somehow I was invited to their wedding. It's beside the fact that Eric is in the wedding... I thought for sure the invitation would read "Mr. Eric Strodtman" and did NOT expect it to say "Mr. and Mrs. Strodtman". I literally almost died. Yes.

After much discussion (and letting the RSVP sit on my desk for a few months), I replied that we would be attending. I have literally been dreading it ever since. And now it's HERE! Thank goodness my mother in law is going too... I'll be sticking with her like glue.

So, I need to decide what to wear. I think the wedding is on the beach and the reception is at some boathouse. Oh my gosh I haven't even gotten them a gift. Should I? Should I avoid her or just be polite and say "congratulations" with a fake smile and run away?!?


I don't even know if I should drink very much because then I'll become one of two things: 1) Miss nicey-nice who suddenly loves everyone and is bff with the bride. Um, no. Or I could 2) Grow a pair and tell the bride just how I feel... which is probably wishful thinking because deep down I'm way too nice to do that to a bride on her wedding day. So, no.

I need a plan. I need to know what to say, what to wear, how to act.

I NEED to know these things so I can prepare myself! HELP!


  1. I suggest you don't say anything about it to her. It's her wedding day and she was curteous in inviting you. Try to be light and polite. Congratulate her, tell her how beautiful her dress is..yada yada yada.

  2. I agree with Shelley - you mention in the blog post directed to her that you "know how to be the bigger person" and this situation calls for that, in my opinion. Go, act friendly, don't drink a lot and go home. Sometimes life calls for sucking it up and doing things with a smile on your face even though you don't want to. As Shelley says she was courteous in inviting you (regardless of the reasons for it) so the courteous thing for you to do would be to go and play the part of "happy and friendly wedding guest". It's only one day out of your life, then all this will be over and you can move on! That's just my opinion though!

  3. O dear Lord the day has come...............

    Sigh, I hate telling you this, and you might be SHOCKED to hear it come from my mouth, but be polite. Not fake, but polite. It doesn't change the fact that she is a psycho who deserves it to pour on her wedding day and for her to break out in hives all over her body. However, you my friend, are classier than she is. You have more character and are a far better woman. Remember that. Wish her the best, and handle yourself as such. A classy b*tch who looks better than the bride on her wedding day.

    ; ] wink.

  4. You worry way too much. Move on, be nice, and just ENJOY the day!!!!

    Quit stressing...life will happen.

    This weekend is our family time too! woohoo.