Friday, August 20, 2010

Say it with me... TGIF!

So yesterday I went to physcial therapy and found out it was the wrong day. I was sooo like "grr" when I realized I could've slept another hour. I definitely could've used it!

So what did I do? I got to work at 7AM instead! It was nice having a super quiet hour, but I was determined to leave early, at like 4:15PM, to make up for it. Which I did. Plus I had class and like 2 more chapters of my book to read before then. My supervisor was in her office w/ the door closed talking to someone, so I didn't bother telling her.

So this morning, she comes in all melodramatic-ish, and was all like "good morning." I knew what was coming next. "So, Nancy (the receptionist) told me you left at 4 last night?!?"

"Yes I did, becuase I got here at 7." Nothing to explain there.

"Oh. ok." Still acting pissy. Like I'm supposed to work 10 hour days like she does, and enjoy it.

"You were in your office with the door closed so I didn't get to talk to you."

And that was that. I swear, it's Friday, I'm not going to let anyones sour attitude get to me today!! She came into my office later in a better mood, but serrrriously. That woman never stops working. She talked to her boss every day when she was on vacation in Hawaii. Not even joking. She works 7 days a week, probably 12 hours a day.

I'm sorry, I love my job, but I have an actual life.



  1. your illustrations are the greatest part of this blog haha

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Great illustrations! Have you read the hyperbole and a half blog? This post reminds me of it..

    You need to do more of these stepheh

  3. That sounds like many old bosses I've had! Only they don't answer their phones after hours, but expect you to! And they although they would leave early quite often, it was a sin for everyone else to do that!

  4. You so crack me up. These drawings remind me of your first time with PAINT. Remember when Dad got you started on his lap top and you learned how to draw stuff then...he was so blown away. And here you are still drawing cute little pics to go with your blog...boy you must be bored. LOL!

    Gotta love your drama at work...I wish my drama was so low key like yours. Mine is so stressful.

    We have to chat next week about Labor Day plans. Can't wait.

    Love ya.