Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random updates

I can't believe how quickly this week is going by! Tomorrow is Friday already, yessss! We don't have any plans this weekend, but I'm sure it will involve spending time with friends and relaxing (as usual :).

Last night I went grocery shopping because our fridge/freezer/pantry was nearly bare. It feels good to have healthy lunches again, and not have to eat out for lack of food! Eric didn't get home till almost 8PM last night so I had some time to myself to have a few glasses of wine and make dinner. It was very nice and relaxing.

Speaking of food, this morning one of our vendors brought in real New York bagels (like, actually from New York). I normally try to avoid bagels because of the many, many calories involved, but everyone insisted I try one. Apparently they are very different from bagels anywhere else (who knew?), and NY people call bagels at places like Panera "bread with a hole in the middle." Ha! Well I tried a plain one with some cream cheese, and it was very good! I don't suppose New York could make a Weight Watchers version....

My first class on Tuesday went well, although the experience was very different from my summer class. The campus is packed out, from the parking lot to the classroms. I guess I got spoiled in the summer with everything being nearly empty (aka easy to get in and out). It's sort of nice having so many people, because we have to listen to everyones speeches, and sometimes a whole class is just for that. Talk about easy! I have a feeling this will be an easy class for me. I'm glad I decided to take two mini-mesters (two 8-week classes, one after the other) this fall, because I'm still taking two fall classes, just one at a time. Works well with my schedule!

Did I tell you I'm going to sign up for something cuh-razy coming up in January? My friend Jen posted a link to this "Warrior Dash" and I looked at the website the other day. It's definitely something crazy that I've never done before. Jen is supposed to do it with me, and I'm trying to talk Eric and my sister into it too. Check it out here and let me know what you think! I'll be doing the race in Tampa in January. It's basically a 5K with a bunch of dirty, insane obstacles in between.

I mean just look at these people! You have to be crazy to do this!

The race obstacles in Tampa include "alligator alley", "palmetto prison", "cargo climb", "muddy mayhem" and more! The fire obstacle at the very end scares me the most! Eek!

I'm determined to do it! I see it as an excuse to buy new shoes afterwards because my current ones will be ruined! It'll also be good motivaton to run more than 3 miles to get into better shape for the obstacles.

Oh! A little bit of good news on Eric's job... our neighbors got their "reference" letter in the mail yesterday from Osceola county (yay!) which means they are moving right along processing him. Keep your fingers crossed!

On that note... Happy Friday Eve! :)


  1. YEAHHH!!! we are warriors!! :D

    (congrats on things a'happnin' on the job front for Eric!)

  2. This week has been SO SLOW for me!! Every day felt like Friday. One morning I woke up thinking it was saturday!

    Anyway, that race thing looks so dangerous! But it would be fun to watch!

  3. That race looks SO fun! It reminds me of my cross country days. We never ran through anything dangerous, but we sometimes had obstacles (like running through a waist deep lake). I am always so jealous of your 5k's I love running, but I only stay motivated when I have a partner to push me. No one I know does outdoor running, if they run they prefer a treadmill, which I hate!

  4. This week can't end soon enough for me...the week from hell for sure.

    I am sure Nik would love to do this crazy course thing with you...right up her alley.

    Looking forward to relaxing soon too. ahhhh.