Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Puppy beach time

This past weekend in Tampa we had a great time with my family. The best part was taking Layla to the dog beach at Ft. DeSoto! She loved the water, and was exhausted afterwords. Success!

I'm ready for another weekend... who's with me?!?

P.S. Eric got a call from OCSO saying he passed the interview... so now it's onto the next step! I'm can't wait until we have something solid to look forward to!

P.S.S. Eric took this picture a few days ago... he was so cute when he got back from PT and saw me dressed for work (on jeans day!). He was like "You look so pretty, I want a picture of you and my pup." Haha! This is the result... and it is now the background of his phone.


  1. Our dogs love water too! Such cute pics!

  2. I wish our dog could swim, I just don't think her legs are long enough...lol

  3. VEry cute indeed. And, your mama wants a copy of that picture of JJ and the mask sent to my email...pleeeze! You can send the one of you too..that I really like.

    I'm ready for another fun weekend with ya'll.
    I have to work this weekend...but as soon as we are free...I think we'll come up to hang out and use your pool!

    Love ya.

  4. Great pictures. You are looking good! :-)

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