Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I just have to say...


Osceola County Sheriff's Office is giving him a conditional offer and he should be signing it tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously the above photo is a JOKE but when I posted on my Facebook status last night about Eric's job offer, my awesome Uncle Dave (who is Photoshop proficient, obviously) posted this pic. I love it. :)

So there are a lot of details to work out and he still needs to work out the kinks with the Air Force, but if all goes well, he will be hired as of September 13th (holy crap that is only two weeks away) and start work on the 20th or 27th!

My head is swimming with options on renting a house, or finding another apartment to rent, when to move, where to move to, and above all - how we will deal with the initial pay cut he will take. Isn't that crazy, you put your life on the line and be a police officer and make less? Oh well, we just need to give a few months and he will be able to take overtime, weekends, nights, holidays, etc. and make up the difference. Because unlike the military, if you work extra or on a holiday you actually get PAID more! Ha! What a concept.

Anyway, there are more details to figure out... but I just wanted to share the GOOD NEWS with my favorite blogging friends! I'm trying to set up a few house/apartment tours for this Saturday to see what our options are. I'm kind of dreading another apartment, but after searching online today it doesn't seem there are a lot of options for house rentals. Plus a lot of them don't allow dogs (deal breaker). PLUS you can get a huge, nice apartment for next to nothing. I am talking to a lady who has a house rental that may work out... we may go see it on Sunday. Lots of new stuff coming our way! :) :)


  1. WOW, what FANTASTIC news!! BIG congrats :-D

  2. Excited for ya. Where is this in relation to where you live now?

  3. How exciting!!! Congratulations to both of you :)

  4. super exciting!! so glad he got the job. I love the photo shopped picture!!