Friday, August 6, 2010

The craziest week ... pretty much ever

I know I say it every Friday, but I really mean it when I say "TGIF!" This has been a completely insane week at work for me. I haven't made dinner once, missed a couple lunches, and have been completely exhausted at the end of each day. I'm on a committee planning a huge conference our organization is hosting next February. It's this huge, national thing with all these important people in child welfare coming. I've been helping our CEO contact the keynote speakers, scheduling them, putting a timeline together, and putting the mailing list together. It may not sound like much, but on top of everything else ... it's insane.

The committee met yesterday from 9AM-12PM, and then I had another meeting from 1:30-3PM. Then I had another meeting from 3:30-4PM. I was a walking zombie by the end of the day. I picked up food on the way home because I hadn't eaten lunch and was exhausted. Then I remembered I had scheduled a meeting with a college advisor at 6:30! Ugh. I went and got signed up for classes, watched some tv, and hit the hay.

Today I have physical therapy and will hopefully get caught up on stuff at the office. Tonight I plan on making meatball subs because hubby requested *MY* cooking last night... hahah ... I guess he misses it. ;) I'm going to have a few drinks with him tonight, and fade into la-la land. Can't wait.

We have no plans this weekend, except for helping our neighbor move for a few hours Saturday night.

What are your weekend plans? :)


  1. Wow, that does sound like a busy week! My weekend plans? Probably a whole lot of Greys Anatomy and a little frozen yogurt :-)

  2. Sounds like my week...busy, and tired.
    Well, I have to work Saturday too...blah.
    Sunday I plan to rest , but will have to also catch up on the housework, laundry and turn around to start it all over again the next week.
    I don't know how you do it all this time...I hate working everyday! xoxo

  3. I feel like a zombie right now because I've been studying for a final on Monday night! Hope you have a better and less insane week!