Thursday, August 26, 2010

Christmas in... August?

I love the holidays! It is almost September, which officially signifies to me that the holidays are just around the corner. I'm already planning Thanksgiving at our place (if we get a house), and what do to for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, yesterday I saw some Christmas cards in a co-workers office and it inspired me to go online and find some that I like! I've sent out Christmas cards every year since Eric and I have been together. We usually take a picture too.

In 2008 Eric was in Iraq so I sent out this picture and card:

In 2009 I bought kits at Hallmark and put the cards together myself - so I don't have pictures of the card - they were all different. But this is the picture we sent with them:

As you can see, I have a theme of "uniform" pictures. This year, 2010, I want to get a picture of us with Eric's NEW police uniform! :) It's either that or switch it up and take a "family" picture with us and our two puppies... which I think would be totally cute.

Anyway, here are the cards I'm considering. I only buy cards that say "Merry Christmas" so it limits my selection a little bit. I didn't see a WHOLE lot that I liked this time... so I may keep looking.

But for now I like these two the best:

Thoughts/opinions on the cards and which picture we should do would be appreciated :)


  1. Oooh! Love the holly tree card!(2nd one) It's fun to think about the holidays now, hahah! :-D

  2. Those are cute cards!! We have never sent out Christmas cards before. Maybe it's time we start? It doesn't seem worth the hastle and money to me to do it without any kids or any news of kids. *shrug*

  3. like the green ones with the red berries. But I think you can find cuter ones...dig deeper. And don't post em...cuz then we will all know what we are getting from you. Ha.
    You gonna put the pic of Eric that Uncle Dave created? LOL

  4. I like the second one too - I always buy my cards on clearance at the end of the season, I got about 4 packs of cards for $7 last year at Joann Fabrics!