Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I haven't had much to say latley, and things have been so busy!

Having a 3-day weekend was uh-mazing. I got my hair done (saved money!), nails done, and did some shopping. Saturday we did a little surprise for my friend Tiffany's birthday. Hanging out with these girlies is always so much fun!

(Me and Callie in back, Megan and Tiff (birthday girl!) up front)

The only news with Eric's job is that there is still no news! He is passing his tests with flying colors, and it seems all we're waiting on is an offer. The three main departments he's looking into right now are Kissimmee, Osceola and Orange county.

Here are the details... if you're interested. :)

Kissimmee is the smallest department, which isn't the greatest long-term, but they could probably hire him the soonest. They are talking about the end of September, which is perfect. Being a small department could limit him in moving up in the future, however.

Osceola is ready to hire him in a month, but that is two weeks before he is out of the Air Force. He's going to appeal to try and get out early, because Osceola is his first choice I think. It's medium sized, not so busy (aka dangerous) and pays just a tiny bit more than the others. If he can't get out for the September date, he will have to wait until October - which wouldn't be so bad, but they are only hiring 2 people then, as opposed to 10 in September. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Orange is MY first choice, because I want to move closer to Orlando, but they are the largest department with the most applicants so they probably can't hire him until DECEMBER. They are also the most "dangerous" because of the highly populated/tourist area. If he waited for them to hire him, he would definitely have to get a job in the short-term between October and December, which isn't ideal.

And then of course there is the job at Cape Caneveral, which still hasn't been posted yet... so he hasn't been able to apply yet. Sigh.

We found some houses online to rent in West Melbourne (where we'd move if he got hired at Osceola) and there were some ok ones for really decent prices. I'm really, really, really going to do whatever I can to get into a house and not an apartment. I'm just so ready to get into something bigger with a fenced in yard for the puppies. It would be awesome!

Keep your fingers crossed for us... puh-lease and thank you! :) Oh, and classes start again tonight... fun fun. Public speaking this time!


  1. Ahh yes, the waiting game! It will all fall out and God will lead where He wants you to be. A house would be nice...you are talking about renting though, right?

    Love ya. xoxo

  2. The waiting game is the hardest...hope y'all don't have to wait too long.

    You know, I just realized that y'all live in the area where I grew up..well, kinda. I lived in Volusia County...DeLand area.

  3. Uggg, isn't it rough having to play the waiting game and making big decisions?? Sooo not my favorite thing to do ;-) BUT you all will find out soon enough and at the end of it all-- it is exciting, building your life together!

  4. The waiting game is the worst, but whatever happens is meant to be!

    Best of luck with your next class, I've taken Public Speaking and really enjoyed it!

  5. Good luck hun!! The waiting can drive you crazy- believe me I know! Hang in there!

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