Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday's stuff

First of all, thanks for the overwhelming support to continue blogging. I still feel conflicted over the whole issue, but for now I'm just going to take my time, not feel pressure to post something every day, not care about comments or followers, and write for me. This is a work in progress.

And now, the following are completely random and unrelated thoughts. Posting in lists is the only way I could possibly get out what I'm thinking and feeling right at this moment.

Because I'm good at lists, that's for sure.

* I think I'm done with my narrative essay. I just want to read over it one more time before I turn it in on Wednesday. I am so, totally nervous about getting graded in college for the first time. I think the paper is pretty good, but I'll either be totally wrong about that or maybe a little right when I find out the grade. I'm nervoussssssssssss.

* I got a $10 gift card from Victoria's Secret for my birthday. Not sure what I'm gonna use it for, but I'll be perusing their website shortly I'm sure.

* I need to post a winner for my giveaway. I will this week, I promise.

* Last night I went for a run and got covered in gnats. I got one in my eye, a few in my nose, teeth and hair. I was continually wiping them off my forehead. Then when I got inside I looked in the mirror and my neck looked like I sprinkled pepper on it. So gross. I jumped in the cold shower ASAP.

* I'm kinda depressed about the weather latley. We didn't get to see fireworks on the 4th because it was raining (not that I felt like fighting the crowds anyway). But really, I'm worried about my birthday party this Saturday. Right now they're saying there's a 40/50% chance, which isn't bad really. But we have to make a decision 24 hours before or we lose the deposit on the boat we're renting. Ugh. Please don't rain! If it does rain, I'm super tempted to move it to the next weekend. A low-key weekend with nothing to do kinda sounds... amazing. Right now only three friends can come anyway, and three more could probably come if I moved it. I just don't know. It's not like turning 25 is a big deal anyway... all I get is lower car insurance!

* I'm starting over on the blog background. I may never be satisfied.

* And yes, again to remind myself, I'm going to turn 25 this Sunday. I feel old.


  1. 1. I LOVE your layout! Its very cute!
    2. I really really hope it is nice for you on your b-day! The boat idea sounds awsome!
    3. Im sure you will do awsome on your paper!
    4. Yuck on the gnats! There gross..I get them allot when I walk..I have had some get in my ear buds!
    5. I like list too :) lol


  2. hey old lady I like this new layout :D

    Im sure your paper is fab and you have nothing to worry about.. & you can always use me as a proof read if you are so inclined.

  3. Send the rain to Ohio, its not going to rain all week and its hot hot hot here!!!!

  4. Yet another design. You amaze me.
    Sorry about your party and all this rain. Glad it didn't dump on us while we were there.

    Work was tough today. How can a normally confident lady feel like such a stupid idiot and be so insecure. Not a good first day at the branch. I'm feeling rather weepy tonight...wishing all of this would end.

    Sorry to dump...Dad doesn't understand. :(

    Love you.
    Have fun on your bike ride - minus all the gnats. Yuck.

  5. Hey! I love your new layout! It's so fresh and summery! Good luck on your paper! And 10 dollars to VS? Haha...uh...well you could get a couple lip glosses maybe! ;-)

  6. good luck on your paper.
    glad you are back(:

  7. 25...you're just a baby! I turn 40 this year. EEEK.

    I say blog when you feel like it...you never know when the urge will hit you and if you disassemble your blog, you won't have this great outlet for when you're in the mood to write.

  8. Omigosh, there is nothing more that I hate then knats!! Ewwww. I get knats flying in my face a lot when I go biking. Sooo nasty! But good for you to get out and run! ;-)