Thursday, July 1, 2010

To blog or not to blog

I'm not trying to be a debbie downer today. I mean after all this is my Friday and I have a 4-day weekend packed with fun things coming up! I think things in my "real life" are great, but this blogging thing has me confused and frustrated.

It started when I was sooo bummed I only got 3 entries in my giveaway. I was expecting so much more than that. I'm still going to remind people to sign up, but if no one else does, I guess those who did have a 1 in 3 chance of winning.

So that got me started going downhill.

Then, I came across some great blogs this week. I constantly scrutinize myself against them... their blog design, their writing style, ultra-creative posts, the number of followers they have... the list is endless.

Finally, yesterday when I posted about the two police offers who died, all of two people commented. The story I posted was something really meanginful to me and I assumed it would be to everyone else too.

Maybe that is my problem - that I am expecting too much. I am writing for other people and not myself. I want other people to care and they don't. I'm comparing myself to others too much. I am not exactly sure. All I know is I'm totally frustrated.

Last night my hubby really liked my post about the police officers, and said "great post babe" when I walked in the door. So I then vented about all the things I was frustrated about and said "I don't know if I want to keep blogging anymore."

And I truly don't know. He encouraged me to keep blogging, because he likes reading them (and because he's my darling, supportative husband). But is he the only one? I mean c'mon. I have met some cool friends, but the only way I know them is through what they type on the screen. I don't really "know" them. They are nice and it's intersesting to learn about all of these people, but sometimes I don't think I'm very interesting.

Also, I don't feel like I can write about anything I want. I have people who read this blog who are friends and family (and who have blogs) and sometimes I just want to vent. But I can't. There are some friends I'm worried about/frustrated with right now, and I can't write about it. That doesn't feel right. (now all of my friends are wondering... is she talking about me? haha.)

I think I like commenting on other blogs more than writing on my own. I like posting things here at there, like tomorrow I'll probably post a July 4th thing for the troops. But when it comes to writing about my own life, sometimes I don't think it's enough.

So right now, I'm confused and kinda *blah* on this whole thing. We'll see where this takes me.


  1. I know how ya feel..I have 77 followers and I only get about 2 comments..maybe 6 at max if im lucky!
    I really hope you do keep blogging! I really have enjoyed reading your blog! I know were friends on facebook and all..but this has been such a fun way to keep up with you! Having not seen someone in 3 or 4 year its cool to be able to see whats going on in there lives!
    I love how real you are in your blog Steph! Your post really get me as a person involved..Ive laughed allot..and was even ticked off with the "Monster Lady" after reading those post!
    Love ya girl! <3

  2. I'm sorry you feel down about your blog :-( Don't forget that this is a weird week, people on vacation, busy with work before heading out for the 4th, etc. And I'm sorry about your giveaway... I would have liked to enter, but didn't because 1) I'm not new and 2) to be honest, I've actually never blogged about giveaways (just my opinion). I stand by my viewpoint that my blog is first and foremost for ME and my family's memories... comments, friends, and followers are very nice things that come from it :-) If you get too wrapped up in #s and comments, then I can see how it wouldn't be very fun :-( Hope your day turns around. And like you said, your real life is great!! That is awesome, ENJOY it!! :-D

  3. Blogging can have its ups and downs. I go through lots of ruts of not wanting to have anything to do with it to times where I can't get enough. Always remember though that blogging is for yourself. I feel that over the last 2 months people have really taken a step back from blogging. Not sure if it is the arrival of summer or just the lack of wanting to blog. Just this week I finally have started getting back into the grove of things. Not everyone will comment but just know that people do read it! I hope that you choose to stay! Enjoy your weekend of fun and come Tuesday it will all be better!

  4. It's understable to feel upset when you post something you care so much about or you make the effort to write it out and put it out there and you get hardly any feedback. It happens to us all I am sure! Just try to remember that a lot of people read your blog but don't comment. You need to write from your heart. Write what YOU want to write and get back to what you started blogging for in the first place. If people like it, great. If not, then that's not your problem. It's not a reflexion of if they like YOU or not. A lot of us really like your blog and want to keep reading what YOU want to write about!! Sorry hun, if you need a break, take a break! But don't quit something you like to do because you aren't getting all the comments and followers because that's not what it's all about!

  5. dude, don't stop blogging.. That being said, I think that you aren't writing for yourself- you. stephanie only. Its a natural thing, and I felt it too a few months ago. I was like, what the heck am I doing and WHY am I comparing myself to other people and their blogs? Im not them, and can never be them.

    You can be YOU though. Thats when the GOOOOOD stuff & posts come out.

    and hey, I know you're mad at me. If you need to vent, its your blog, you can ; ]

    ♥ u

  6. PS you *ARE* interesting! We all enjoy your writing.

    And part of the fun is "finding your voice" so to speak. With each post & each passing month, your writing improves; your outlook changes, perspective broadens. There have been posts that Ive written that have been extremely meaningful to me and have gotten 1 or 2 comments on, or sometimes none. I admit that is kind of a let down, but when that happens, I remind myself- What is this blog for? Why did I start it? And don't I feel better now that Ive gotten it out?

    aaaaand you and I both know all the people that read our blogs and don't comment ;) wink

  7. This is a slow time for bloggers...summer always is. I get about the same comments, but not a ton for sure.

    Also, just an observation from you MOM *ahem* I just don't like it when bloggers curse in them. So, maybe that repels others???? Just a thought. You do need to be you, but tastefully.

    I can't imagine where I'd be emotionally if I didn't have my blog land friends who lift me up and encourage me every day. They are the best and stick with us.

    I believe you should do it for you, not what others think. If you don't have time and don't feel like it, then take a break.

    Love ya...can't wait until time! We are hoping Nik and JJ are well too.

  8. I have been going through the same thing lately. Wondering if anyone is reading and if they care. But like everyone else says, blogging should be for you. Write about what you want to write about and then let it go. As far as your giveaway, I saw it and thought, eh coconut lime isn't my favorite scent, so I didn't enter. The blog yesterday, I started to read it and saw that it was about two police officers being killed and I stopped reading. I personally don't watch the local or world news. I like to get my news from The View. Maybe people just weren't in the mood for a sad news story. Its not that people aren't just as sad as you that something tragic like that happened. Ok, I hope this has renewed your commitment. If you need to take a break you can do that too!

  9. I say take a little break and see how you feel afterward - I've had times where I was about to give up on my blog and I constantly wish I could find a way to get more followers and more comments but most of the reason I have a blog is to meet other great women! Just like you! We have lots in common and I love reading your stuff!

    Maybe after the holiday weekend and some time off work you'll have a different outlook!

  10. I agree with Danielle above, she is one of my best friends and shes been in a blogging rut and I enjoy when she blogs but I have to been in that rut so I just keep my mouth shut and don't force her to blog, ha!

    I feel the blog is meant for YOU to say what you want, not worry what other people think or what they say on their blog or what they think is appropriate.

    If you feel there is something you want to blog about but worried about who reads it just give a basis of whats on your mind don't go into details with names etc

    I hope you continue to blog :) to be hoenst and hopefully make you feel better, I havben't checked my reader in a cople days so I haven't even seen your police post yet..

  11. i'm sorry i'm totally one of those people that doesn't take enough time to write on everyone's blog.. but i love reading them.

    for me bloging is a life journal and i love looking back and seeing what i wrote about it "then" because what i remember may be differant then what happened.. i have three blogs its a lot to keep up with and the scrapbooking blog i put SOOOOO much time into i'm soo passionate about it and i've tried to do giveaways and the same thing happens.. no one comments.. so i use it as my own reference and it just works out great for me.

    if it ends up inspiring someone else great if not.. well it was a way to organize my thoughts and my creative path.

  12. I love your blog. I think you should keep doing it...but only if it is enjoyable...and for YOU!