Friday, July 16, 2010


Seriously, thank GOD it's Friday! I am so tired! I haven't been sleeping well at night recently. There is no particular reason, but if I have a lot going on I tend to be in "thinking mode" as soon as my head hits the pillow. I think about school projects, work, Eric's future job/offers, cleaning the house, my personal "to-do" list... omg the list is endless.

To make matters worse, I can't sleep past 6AM anymore, since that is the time I get up to work out. But if there is a day I DON'T work out, I still am wide awake at 6! Usually on weekends I get up early, let the dogs out, bring them back into our bed so they'll be quiet and sleep with us, and sleep in for a few more hours. So, needless to say, I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!

Oooh, I decided to listen to my ipod on "shuffle" all songs, and I am loving all these old songs I never hear anymore! Like right now, 'Find Me' from Boyce Avenue is playing. I love it!

A few things have been bugging me latley. You probably don't care, but I'm gonna write them out anyway because that tends to help me stop thinking about them as much. Besides, I decided this blog was for me and doesn't have to be particularly interesting or full of pictures. I know a lot of people do that, but sometimes I don't have any pictures but still want to write. I decided to tell myself that's ok. ;) Because it is.

Problem #1: Eric's job change coming up in September. Here is the deal: he is getting out of the military on "terminal leave" in September, with his official end date being in October. (That means he has leave saved up and is getting out early and they are paying him for his last few weeks of PTO without him having to be there.) Anyway, he has applied at 3 or 4 police departments, and so far one has responded - he even has an interview on the 28th with that department. The only problem is, they don't pay as much as some of the others (well, one in particular) and therefore he would take a paycut if he accepts that offer. The one *I* want to respond and hire him pays the closest to what he is making now, and I am still crossing my fingers that they will contact him soon. That department is also the biggest, and so it would logically take them longer to respond. So there is still hope, in my opinion... but geeze louise, they are taking their sweet time!

And THEN, as if that little situation was not complicated enough, there is a totally seperate non-police officer job he has been offered up at Cape Caneveral, almost no-questions-asked. The people working there love him and are BEGGING him to take that job. It would bascially be the same job he does now in the military (military police -- head of physical security on the base), but as a civillian, and it pays significantly MORE than he makes now. As you can assume, I am most excited about this job. I mean c'mon. There is more money involved and less danger (it's bascially an office job)! Hellooo??! He agreed to put in his resume and an application and just see what happens.

Despite the money factor, I am still conflicted. I stressed to Eric over and over that, regardless of the money, he needs to enjoy what he does. I don't want him to take the higher-paying job, but come home each day saying "I hate my job - I wish I were a cop". His whole life he's wanted to be a police officer. I honestly can't even imagine him doing anything else. Yes, I'm scared of him being a police officer, especially in Orlando. But at the same time, I'd be so proud to tell people my husband is a police officer. See? Conflict.

On top of ALL of that, there is waiting. Not knowing. Wondering who will pick him up first and offer the most money. Which one should he take? The almost guaranteed job at the Cape with the most money which would enable us to buy a house and start a family ASAP... but he might be unhappy? Or a police job in which we'd have to delay all of those things... but he would love it. Ohhh, I just don't know.

Last night Eric said he feels like he's 18 again and has almost every option out in front of him. He could do anything he wants to. It's like he's starting over, and the possibilities are endless! How exciting that is for him... and how nervewracking it is for his wife. :)

Ok, I decided that problem was long enough for one day, no need to post about the others right now.

Enjoy your Friday, and have a GREAT weekend, my lovley blog friends! xoxoxo


  1. I'm the exact same way right now with my sleeping habits! I hit the pillow to sleep and all my thoughts rush at me at once and I lay there sometimes for a couple of hours trying to sleep and tell myself to shut up! I get up at 6 too so you could say I am right there with ya with TGIF!!

    We are also in the same boat about the waiting to move along with the hubbys cop jobs. There are tons of hiring freeze's right now and it's just a very slow process. Don't worry, you guys will figure something out!!

  2. I can understand how you feel! My life sounds allot like yours! well..not the wife anyways! We moving in Aug and right now we still dont have anything set on were we are moving since i work for Sermon On The Mount im on missions support and get hardly anything so I can hardly pay my bills..I hate the unknow stuff too :)

    Praying for ya!

  3. Oh to be young again!!! Think about starting over at OUR age!!!

    It will all work out...and my two cents worth is to stay out of debt so you can let him take the job he would love to do. Don't just go for the money.

    Love ya.

    PS--Dad got a temp job today (contract work). It's in Lutz, and it's doing work he already knows what to do like he did with Teco. Pray it might turn into a fulltime position. He starts MOnday.

  4. The job thing, I totally feel you on that one. When Andrew and I really became serious he was working at a good job but didn't get paid for his experience. They wanted to promote him but it meant a move to St. Louis (which we didn't want to do). Thankfully he found the job he has now which pays better and if he wants to move up he would not need to move across the country.

    Best of luck to your husband and everything will fall into place!